Toy Gift For 1 Year Old

End-of-the-year gift ideas for children​

Make this year-end holiday season full of joy for your children by giving them gifts that are related to their interests.​

Gifts under Rp50.000​

Special gifts don't have to be expensive. Here are some recommended toys that are not only fun but also affordable.

Gifts for creative mind​

Support your child's creative hobbies by giving them toys and art supplies that will inspire them.

Active play​

Provide fun activities for your little ones with these toys that improve their cognitive and motor skills.

Space and ocean explores​

Let your little one explore space to the ocean through their imagination. Give them a soft and safe toy as a fun exploration companion.

Toy for little chef​

Give your little chef a pretend kitchen that comes equipped with all the utensils and supplies they need so they can use their imagination to create tasty dishes.

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