Welcome to the multigenerational home

Step into our vision of a household spanning three generations. Designed for a big family with an even bigger love of food and sharing experiences, this home also allows for privacy thanks to smart organisation, functional choices and shared spaces that make life run smoothly.

A kitchen free of clutter

When designing this compact kitchen, the philosophy was definitely ‘less is more’. Choosing high-quality finishes and natural materials lets simple cooking tools, accessories and plant pots create a stylish and serene atmosphere.

Storage, storage everywhere

For families that take cooking in turns, the kitchen needs plenty of storage for pots, pans, crockery and the food everyone loves together and individually. Floor to ceiling solutions make the most of a smaller footprint, with open wall shelves and a trolley on wheels for keeping important items within reach.

A dining room for all occasions

Sometimes it’s just family, other times it’s many more! The dining area caters for every kind of feast or gathering, with an extendable table and moody pendant lighting for extra ambience.

Dining details at the ready

With a sideboard full of dinnerware and stackable chairs against the wall in case guests drop by, it’s easy to be prepared to entertain at a moment’s notice. When not being used, everything is organised and tucked out of the way until next time.

A room divided

Panelled room dividers are the unsung hero of this home. In the living room, a solid wood frame creates a focal point while giving the option of a more secluded space should the need arise.

Come one, come all to the living room

With roomy, comfortable sofas and countless cushions to sink into, the living room is a place for relaxing together. Whether it’s a film night or a casual family catch-up, the low-key glamour of this space is practical too, with a shelf under the coffee table for books and an extra-long TV bench.

Need more storage? Take it outside

When the weather allows, why not store things on the veranda? Go bold with a pop of brown-red in an outdoor storage cabinet, which is set off nicely by plant life and a collection of pots on display.

One teenage bedroom, two ways

When teenagers share one room, split the space in half to create smaller, individual areas that can be organised and decorated to suit budding tastes and styles.

A busy bathroom needs great organisation

A shared bathroom never has to be disorderly when it’s lined with cabinets, hooks and deep drawers holding plenty of internal storage – all organised so that every last thing is in its place and easily found.

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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