Wall decor tips for small living rooms to maximize functionality

The living room is one of the most crucial spaces in a home, where you welcome guests, gather with family, and unwind after a long day. For those with small living rooms, decorating and utilizing wall space can pose a challenge. However, with some smart decoration tips and solutions from IKEA, you can optimize the functionality of your small living room walls, create an attractive look, and maximize the available space.

Right colour combination on living room walls

Creating a colour combination is the first step in decorating living room walls. As a base colour, choose bright colours like cream or white to create a spacious room ambiance. Bright colours capture light better, making the room appear brighter and more expansive. Next, you can add bright or contrasting accent colours to one or several sides of the walls for an attractive visual appearance. For instance, paint one or several wall sides with bold colours such as navy blue, dark green, or deep red to add an attractive touch to your living room.

Arranging walls with patterns and textures can also provide additional dimensions and character to your small living room. Besides painting the walls with a combination of colours, there are several ideas for arranging walls with patterns and textures. One of them is using wallpaper with interesting patterns or motifs to create a different and bold look on your living room walls. Choose wallpaper with pattern scales that suit your room size. Additionally, you can apply wall stickers with unique patterns or images to create a creative and personal look on your living room walls. Choose high-quality wall stickers that are easy to install and remove without damaging the wall paint. Another attractive way is to install wooden or stone panels as additional decorative elements to create a natural and warm look on your living room walls. Wooden or stone panels can also provide interesting textures to the room.

Utilizing living room walls as galleries and functional wall decor

Using walls as galleries is an effective way to add personal touches and interesting visuals to your small living room. Some tips for creating a gallery include using small or medium-sized frames to hang photos, paintings, or other artworks on your living room walls. These frames can help create a dense and organized look, suitable for minimalist living rooms. Arrange several frames in layers or in a symmetrical pattern to create a balanced and aesthetic look. You can also use paper templates to help determine the position of each frame before hanging them. Combine various types of artworks, such as photos, paintings, prints, or handmade art, to create a diverse and captivating display.

In addition to visual decoration, wall decor can also serve as additional storage or other functional elements. For example, use wall shelves to store books, potted plants, or other small decorations. Wall shelves will help save floor space and create a tidy and organized look on your small living room walls. You can also install a wall clock that serves as both decoration and a time indicator. Furthermore, you can hang baskets or wall hooks to store keys, mail, or other small items to keep them neatly arranged and easily accessible. Choose functional wall decorations, such as shelves, wall clocks, baskets, or wall hooks that have designs that match your living room decor style.

Effective lighting

Effective lighting is crucial in creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in a small living room. Install bright and focused ceiling lights to provide primary lighting in your living room. You can also combine lighting with table lamps or floor lamps. Use table lamps or floor lamps as additional lighting sources in dark corners of the living room or as decorative yet functional accents. Don't forget to make the most of natural light by installing glass door windows in your living room. This will help create a bright and fresh look while saving energy.

Utilize mirrors for room illusion

Using mirrors is an effective design trick to create the illusion of a larger and more open space in your small living room. There are several interesting tips for using mirrors in the living room, such as installing a large mirror on one of the living room walls to create a wider and more open space illusion. Place the mirror next to windows or doors to reflect natural light and create a brighter and more spacious look. Another stylish option is to use framed mirrors with interesting designs that match your living room decor style. Choose frames with colours or textures that contrast with the walls to provide an interesting visual touch. Alternatively, you can arrange several mirrors of different sizes and shapes to create a dynamic and aesthetic look on your living room walls. You can also create specific patterns or motifs with the arrangement of these mirrors.

Decorating small living room walls can be a challenge, but with smart ideas and the right solutions, you can optimize the functionality of your walls, create an attractive look, and maximize the available space. By paying attention to colour selection, utilizing walls as art galleries or functional decorations such as IKEA Wall shelf, effective lighting, proper wall decor composition, appropriate wall decoration selection, and efficient space usage, you can create a functional, comfortable, and attractive small living room. So, don't let limited space hinder you from creating your dream living room. With a little creativity, inspiration, and assistance from IKEA, you can create a small living room that suits your style and needs.

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