Traditional yet luxurious design

This is a 103 m² home for family of 3 who loves an organized life so that everything looks pleasing to the eye. The selection of dark blue color with wall panels creates a luxurious look and strengthens the atmosphere of the house.

Elegant living room that is full of memories

The living room is a place for gathering and showing favourite things. There's a cabinet with glass door to display the collection and memorabilia. Te leather sofa adds an elegant look and feel comfortable for family time.

Perfect place for socialising

Kitchen and dining can be a fun place for socialising. Round dining table can make everyone faces each other and socialising better. The combination of closed and glass door cabinet with a patterned tiles for accent makes the kitchen not monotonous.

Small bathroom with an elegant look

Bathrooms used mainly white furniture to complement the dark color of the bathroom. Using frames with photos can be another way to decorate the bathroom.

Sleep in a classic and luxurious bedroom

Classic bedroom with dark color and patterned wallpaper that can increase the luxury of the room. The use of cabinets of the same color can be a camouflage to hide the messiness.

The place where they grow up

Bedroom for teenagers who are starting to grow up. Keeping the room organised and simple can start from choosing furniture that is not bulky so as to make the room feel light and airy.

Working comfortably at home

Creating a dedicated workspace nook can increase the productivity of working from home. Using various types of storage makes the arrangement of the workspace more pleasant and personal.

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