Tips for enjoyable pre-iftar activities and home decor with IKEA

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food and drink but also about enhancing togetherness, spirituality, and joy. One eagerly anticipated moment during Ramadan is "ngabuburit," the time to gather with family and engage in entertaining activities before breaking the fast. Learn more about tips for enjoyable and festive ngabuburit, and how IKEA can help you create an atmosphere full of joy through home decor and exciting activities. 

Creating a comfortable family room

Before starting ngabuburit activities, ensure that your family room provides comfort and warmth. IKEA offers a variety of comfortable and functional furniture options. Equipped with soft cushions, IKEA sofas can be an ideal place to relax with the family while waiting for iftar. Add cheerful-colored rugs from IKEA to enhance warmth and beautify the family space. With a comfortable family room setup, ngabuburit will become more enjoyable.

Creative activities with children

If you have children at home, ngabuburit can be a precious moment to engage in creative activities together. IKEA provides various supplies to create a creative space for children. If the weather permits, use the garden or home yard as a children's play area. IKEA offers various outdoor furniture suitable for creating a safe and joyful play area.

Additionally, consider adding a tent or outdoor games like walking bells from IKEA to bring a touch of cheerfulness to the children's play area. By setting up a play area in the garden, children can enjoy ngabuburit while playing and being active outdoors.

Family picnic

Enjoying iftar meals outdoors can be a fun alternative, especially if the weather is favorable. IKEA provides practical and stylish picnic supplies, such as folding tables and chairs to create a comfortable picnic area. Include picnic dining utensils like plates, bowls, and glasses from IKEA for optimal convenience. By bringing the iftar activity outdoors, you can create a different and enjoyable atmosphere for ngabuburit with the family.

Family reading session 

Select books that match the family's preferences and host a joint reading session. Reading together is not only a fun activity but also strengthens family bonds and enhances children's knowledge. Completing this with a well-organized reading corner at home can be a beneficial and educational ngabuburit activity. IKEA offers various supplies to create a comfortable reading corner, such as relaxing chairs and ergonomic tables.

With IKEA's home decor and enjoyable activity tips, your ngabuburit will become more festive and meaningful. From arranging a comfortable family room to engaging in creative activities with children, IKEA provides various solutions to make Ramadan more joyful. Explore IKEA's diverse Inspirations to determine your favorite home decor setup during the fasting month.

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