Tips and ideas for a laundry on the balcony

Washing and drying your laundry on the balcony can be a great idea to make smart use of unused space at home. Even if it often is a small space, there are lots of solutions for fitting in your washing machine, a drying rack, convenient storage and the accessories you need.

A wall that gets the wash done

A storage system that’s easy to adapt lets you maximise one end of your balcony for a compact laundry station. Here’s room for both closed and open storage, a laundry basket, plus the washing machine, of course. When everything is in place, it’s easy adding the accessories you need.

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Accessories for easier laundry days

​ Besides making things easier, the right accessories can help you care for your clothes in ways that keep them in better nick and prolong their lifespan. Here are some favourite picks.

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Rack up, rack down

Foldable drying racks are an ideal choice for a small space – easy to get out when the wash is done, and just as easy to stow away again to free up the floor when everything is dry and folded. Remember to open a balcony window for more air circulation. This helps the laundry dry faster.

Compact ironing setup

Just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on functionality. If you want room for ironing, here’s room for ironing. Especially with an ironing board that takes almost no space at all when you’re not using it. Just hang it on its hook on the wall.