The layout of a 3x3 bedroom in a house, how to determine it?

The bedroom is a very important place in your home. This room is a place where you can release fatigue after a day of activity. Become a special place when you relax and also become a personal space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. However, in recent trends, not all bedrooms have a spacious room. This article will discuss the layout of a 3x3 bedroom in the house and how you can determine it efficiently and ergonomically, with the support of solutions and inspiration from IKEA. Check out the following explanation yuk!

Choosing the right furniture with functional storage

First of all, you can choose the right furniture for a limited space. When choosing furniture, be sure to consider the size and proportions of the room. For a 3x3 bedroom, choose furniture that has an appropriate scale. Such as beds that are not too big and cabinets with Vertical Designs to save floor space. At IKEA there are several furniture options designed specifically for small spaces. You can measure it first before you choose according to your budget.

Storage space is key to keeping the bedroom neat and organized. Make the most of wall space by installing wall shelves or hanging cabinets to store small items or your collection. You can also use a bed with storage drawers underneath to store sheets, pillows, or seasonal clothes. By maximizing storage space from every inch of the room, you can keep your bedroom organized without sacrificing play space or moving.

Prioritize function, comfort and lighting

Although a 3x3 bedroom may have space limitations, it is important that you still prioritize function and comfort. Make sure the bed is placed in the right location so that it does not block your entrance or walking space. Choose a comfortable bed with a supportive mattress to ensure quality sleep. In addition, also make sure there is enough space around the bed to move freely and easy access to storage drawers or side tables. Although small, you can make this room more compact and practical when you want to move all day.

The right lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. Consider natural lighting by letting daylight in through your Windows. You can also combine a night light or desk lamp that provides soft and warm lighting at night. IKEA offers lighting products with an attractive and functional design. Many inspirations that can help you create a calm atmosphere while in a 3x3 bedroom in your beloved home.

Don't forget about aesthetics for a clean room look

Although a 3x3 bedroom may have space limitations, that doesn't mean you have to minimize the aesthetic side of it. Opt for a smart and functional decor to add a touch of style and personalization to your space. You can add some decorative accents, such as colorful pillows, carpets with interesting designs, and curtains with interesting motifs. Feel free to give extra decoration to the 3x3 room space you have, this will add dimension and visual depth to your bedroom.

Efficient organization is the key to keeping a 3x3 bedroom layout organized and organized. Use shelves, storage boxes, or organizers to keep books, stationery, or personal documents neat and within easy reach. Many innovative and functional storage solutions from IKEA you can rely on. Starting from the organizer box, item divider, and storage that can be adjusted to the size and needs of your 3x3 bedroom at home.

Arranging a 3x3 bedroom layout at home is an interesting challenge, but with a little creativity and careful planning, you can create a functional, comfortable and beautiful space. By choosing the right furniture, maximizing storage space, prioritizing function and comfort, considering the right lighting, and not forgetting aesthetics, you can create a bedroom that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Take advantage of smart solutions and Interior design services from IKEA so you can make your small bedroom a comfortable place. Come on, stop by the nearest IKEA store for some trendy bedroom design inspiration!

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