The largest IKEA in Indonesia: IKEA Jakarta Garden City for design and furniture enthusiasts

IKEA, a Swedish company known as one of the world's largest retailers of furniture and household items, is recognized for its functional, innovative, and affordable designs. Each IKEA store typically features a large layout, offering a diverse range of products from furniture to household appliances, along with areas showcasing interior design inspiration. The introduction of IKEA in Jakarta Garden City (JGC) brings new hope for enthusiasts of this brand in Indonesia. Jakarta Garden City, an integrated urban development offering housing, commercial facilities, and green open spaces, proves to be an ideal location for IKEA to open its largest store in Indonesia.

Covering an area of over 89,000 square meters, this store showcases a variety of innovative and functional products that are characteristic of the IKEA brand. Located in the Jakarta Garden City area, the store presents an environmentally friendly and modern building concept. Customers can explore inspiring showrooms, gain design ideas, and discover smart solutions for their homes. 

Additionally, IKEA Jakarta Garden City offers various services, including the popular IKEA restaurant featuring Swedish dishes. It is not just a place for furniture and home decor shopping; it is also a versatile destination that offers various activities for visitors. With its expansive area and innovative concept, here are some exciting activities you can enjoy at IKEA JGC.

Shopping for household items and furniture

Of course, one of the main attractions of IKEA JGC is its collection of furniture and decorations. Explore the spacious showroom and enjoy a unique shopping experience, where you can see products in real room contexts. IKEA Jakarta Garden City (JGC) offers a unique shopping experience for household items and furniture. With functional design concepts and affordable prices, IKEA JGC provides a variety of high-quality products. 

Customers can explore inspiring showrooms, find design ideas, and plan their own space. From furniture to kitchen appliances, IKEA JGC offers a complete selection to meet household needs. With friendly and innovative services, shopping at IKEA JGC is not just a routine activity but also an experience that builds inspiration and comfort in creating a beautiful and functional home. You can tailor your budget when shopping at IKEA.

Participating in workshops and courses

IKEA regularly organizes various creative workshops and courses. From decoration classes to cooking classes, these are perfect opportunities to enhance your skills while having fun. Participating in workshops and courses at IKEA JGC is a unique and interactive learning experience. These programs are designed to expand knowledge in interior design and furniture concepts.

Participants will gain in-depth insights into the latest trends in the furniture industry and practical design techniques. In addition, they will engage in practical projects, enriching design skills and creativity. These workshops and courses are guided by industry experts, offering opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas. This opportunity not only enhances expertise in design but also provides a deep understanding of IKEA's design philosophy.

Enjoying delicious meals at the IKEA restaurant

Explore a variety of Swedish and international dishes at the IKEA JGC restaurant. Experience a unique culinary experience in a comfortable atmosphere. The IKEA JGC restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with a menu that combines the flavors of Sweden with local touches. With a comfortable atmosphere and the distinctive interior design of IKEA, visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes from main courses to desserts.

The diverse menu includes classic IKEA dishes such as Swedish Meatballs, grilled salmon, and local variations tailored to Indonesian tastes. Friendly and efficient service adds value for visitors who want to enjoy a meal without hassle. Additionally, the restaurant offers a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal place to dine with friends and family. With a combination of delicious flavors, a comfortable atmosphere, and a diverse menu selection, the IKEA JGC restaurant becomes an attractive culinary destination for food enthusiasts seeking a unique experience in their daily lives.

Playing in the children's play area

For families with children, IKEA JGC provides a safe and fun play area. Let the children explore and have fun while you enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Playing in the children's play area at IKEA JGC is a fun and safe experience for children. Located inside IKEA Jakarta Garden City, this space is designed with a creative and child-friendly concept, providing opportunities for them to be creative and socialize.

The area is equipped with interactive games, educational toys, and facilities that promote learning through play. Child safety is a top priority with strict supervision and adequate safety devices. Additionally, the cheerful atmosphere and attractive design make children feel comfortable and happy to be there. With a combination of learning and entertainment, the IKEA JGC children's play area becomes an ideal destination for families wanting to provide an educational and entertaining play experience for their little ones.

Participating in recycling programs

IKEA pays great attention to sustainability, and at IKEA JGC, you can participate in recycling programs. Bring your old items to be recycled and contribute to environmental conservation. IKEA JGC is committed to sustainability and the environment, as reflected in its participation in recycling programs. In an effort to reduce environmental impact, IKEA JGC actively encourages customers and employees to participate in recycling programs.

Through this initiative, they invite the community to collect and recycle unused IKEA products, such as cardboard, plastic, and electronic items. Additionally, IKEA JGC rewards customers who recycle with special coupons or gifts. By integrating participation in recycling programs into daily operations, IKEA JGC strives to create a more sustainable and responsible environment. Involving the community in joint efforts to preserve environmental sustainability.

Celebrating special occasions

IKEA JGC often hosts special events to celebrate specific days, such as seasonal celebrations or special festivals. Join these events to feel the atmosphere of togetherness and joy. IKEA JGC, a leading shopping and lifestyle destination, celebrates special days with unique experiences and special services. Known for its functional design and trendy aesthetics, IKEA JGC provides various household products that combine quality and affordable prices.

In celebrating special moments, the store offers exclusive promotions, coupons, and exciting surprises to loyal customers. The friendly and innovative store atmosphere creates a pleasant shopping experience, while professional customer service provides personal assistance in creating an ideal living space. With a diverse selection of products ranging from furniture to decorative accessories, IKEA JGC becomes a favorite destination for those who want to celebrate the uniqueness of every moment in an inspired style. IKEA Jakarta Garden City is not just a store; it is a life experience. Explore the various activities offered and make your visit an unforgettable moment.

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