Swedish Meatball IKEA. Iconic Menus at IKEA Restaurants

Swedish Meatball is an iconic dish that is a favorite of IKEA Restaurant customers. It's not just meatballs, the unique sauce is the main attraction for many people. In addition to its deliciousness, Swedish Meatball has also become a family favorite at IKEA. Every bite brings the delicious authentic taste of Sweden, and its special flavor has become an integral part of the dining experience at IKEA Restaurant.

Family favorites at IKEA restaurant

Something that makes Swedish Meatball special is its suitability to be a family & kid-friendly menu. We truly appreciate the importance of family, which is why we have created a special Swedish Meatball version consisting of four meatballs for the little ones. This is our way of ensuring that the whole family, can enjoy a delicious and quality meal at our restaurant. Swedish Meatball is our way of conveying love and creating a special dining experience for every family that visits IKEA. 
But the fact is that Swedish meatball has no Swedish roots. This surprising news was revealed through Sweden's official Twitter account, Sweden.se, which is managed by the Swedish Institute. They explained that Swedish meatball is actually a dish that originated in Turkey and was brought back by King Charles XII in the 18th century.  
Swedish Meatball is made from high-quality ingredients. It uses a mixture of fresh ground beef and ground chicken to give it a delicious flavor and texture. Eggs and liquid milk are used as a delicious binder, giving it a soft and chewy texture. In addition, seasonings such as garlic & shallots are used to give a rich flavor. All these ingredients are carefully selected to create an authentic Swedish Meatball dish that is a favorite at IKEA.

Enjoying IKEA's swedish meatball deliciousness

These meat balls are served with a generous amount of cream sauce, fluffy mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli, and lingonberry sauce that provides just the right touch of sweet and sour. The combination of these ingredients creates a dish that is suitable for all palates. In addition to its exquisite taste, IKEA's Swedish Meatball also offers generous portions. This makes it a great choice for families who want to enjoy a satisfying meal.

The most unique and interesting thing about Swedish Meatball is the flavor of the lingonberry sauce, which may seem unfamiliar when you first try it. Your tongue will definitely find a different sensation and make you want to try it a second time. This is one of the elements that makes IKEA's Swedish Meatball so inherently Swedish. The lingonberry sauce is our way of combining classic flavors with Swedish nuances in one dish.  

A cozy ambience when dining at an IKEA restaurant

The cozy dining ambience at IKEA is a priority for us to welcome diners who are eager to eat. Beautiful and functional furniture creates a cozy dining space, soft lighting adds a warm touch. You can feel how intimate the space is as if you were at home. As you enjoy delicious dishes like Swedish Meatball, you can dine with a sense of relaxation, as if you were gathering with family and friends. This unique ambience is one of the things that makes Restaurant IKEA a great place to relax and feel at home on every visit.

Resto IKEA has an adequate variety of menu items for all tastes and food preferences. For meat lovers, there is a selection of high-protein dishes. While for those who want a vegetarian option, there are tantalizing vegetable dishes. IKEA restaurants also have kid's menu options that the little ones will love, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy a delicious meal while having a good time. At IKEA you can not only fulfill your appetite, but also get the ideal choice for the whole family in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Is the Swedish meatball halal certified ?

IKEA Indonesia must implement several provisions that have been given in the Halal Assurance System to obtain halal certification. One of the most important aspects of the Halal Assurance System is using halal-certified raw materials. IKEA Indonesia always reports the raw materials used to get approval from LPPOM MUI. This regulation has been included in IKEA Indonesia's Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to ensure that the raw materials used, from source, distribution, processing, to serving, can be clearly traced in accordance with the Halal Assurance System. 
In conclusion, Swedish Meatball at IKEA Restaurant is a unique and authentic Swedish dish. It combines delicious and appetizing flavors. Every bite brings a touch of creamy sauce, mashed potato, broccoli, and lingonberry sauce that spoils the tongue. This dish is not just about flavor, but also about a cozy and warming dining experience. Swedish Meatball is a satisfying choice for the whole family. 
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