Planning activities during school holidays at home, create a fun playroom for your child

School holidays are eagerly awaited by children. After roughly six months of school activities, this is a time when they can rest, explore new interests, and, of course, play to their heart's content.

For parents, planning activities during school holidays at home can be a challenge. One of the best solutions is to set up a fun playroom for your child.

Having a playroom at home means more time spent together, making the holidays more meaningful and enhancing the bond between children and parents. Therefore, complement the school holiday activities at home by preparing a fun playroom for your child. How do you do it?

Choose the right location

The first step in planning a playroom is choosing the right location. Select an area in the house that is spacious enough to accommodate various play activities.

Ideally, this space should be easily monitored by parents but still provide privacy and freedom for the child to explore. Also, make sure that the area does not block pathways within the house, allowing easy movement from one room to another.

The most ideal location is usually an empty corner in the living room. If you have a multi-story house, you can also utilize the space under the stairs as a playroom.

Ensure the room has good lighting and adequate ventilation so that the child feels comfortable while playing. It's best to avoid using the child's bedroom as a playroom to prevent messiness and discomfort during rest.

Choosing bright colours with motifs

After finding the right area, it's time to add some touches to make the playroom attractive. You can start by painting the playroom walls with bright colours.

Use bright colours with soft tones like pink or yellow to create a cheerful yet comfortable atmosphere in the playroom.

If your child also likes cool tones, you can use light blue or light green to create a natural cool ambiance while maintaining a cheerful aura in the playroom.

Make the playroom an exciting place by adding motifs to the walls. This can be done after applying the base color. There are many motifs to choose from, such as tree branches, various fauna and flora, or your child's favorite cartoon characters.

Add functional decorations

Make the playroom more comfortable and enjoyable with a variety of decorations. Prioritize using functional decorations that combine aesthetics and utility.

For example, you can decorate the floor with carpet or puzzle mats. Besides adding aesthetic value, using carpet or puzzle mats provides comfort for the child while playing.

Match the carpet or puzzle mat patterns and colours to your and your child's preferences. If you want a more vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, choose carpets with a mix of patterns or puzzle mats with a variety of colours. For a more relaxed feel, you can choose carpets or puzzle mats with minimal patterns and monotone colours.

Besides carpets or puzzle mats, you can also add floor cushions to the playroom. These not only add decorative touches but also provide comfort for a brief rest during playtime.

Equally important, to keep the room organized and tidy, you need to provide open shelves in the playroom. IKEA offers various open shelf products with modular storage features and minimalist designs that help maintain tidiness and enhance the aesthetics of your child's playroom.

Don't forget to provide educational toys

A play area is incomplete without various toys. You can fill the playroom with your child's favourite toys, such as dolls, toy cars, robot miniatures, Monopoly boards, and more.

It's even better if you incorporate educational value into their play activities. Therefore, don't forget to provide various educational toys, such as puzzles with different patterns and images, number and alphabet boxes, and other educational games that stimulate your child's brain.

Additionally, you can provide various favourite magazines in the playroom. Spending time with your child while encouraging their imagination with inspiring fairy tales can be an unforgettable end to each play activity.

By planning and preparing a fun playroom at home, you not only provide a safe and comfortable place for your child to play during the school holidays but also support their development in various aspects. With IKEA Interior design services, you can create a proper play area that meets the needs and desires of both you and your little one.

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