Preparing Eid open house dishes practically and efficiently with essential kitchen equipment from IKEA

Eid is a moment not only associated with "mudik" or going back to one's hometown, but also closely linked with hosting open houses. Apart from gathering with extended family, Eid often becomes a time to strengthen bonds with relatives. Thus, hosting an open house is eagerly awaited to turn these moments into reality. It's a time when your home will be bustling with family and relatives mingling, conversing, seeking forgiveness, and sharing happiness. Of course, these moments wouldn't be complete without delicious Eid specialties. So, let's prepare your best Eid dishes practically and efficiently with essential kitchen equipment from IKEA.

Non-stick pans and pots

Pans and pots are essential kitchen utensils for cooking activities, especially when preparing dishes for open houses during Eid. Various types of Eid specialties such as rendang, curry dishes with various sautéed or broth-based vegetables, and fried dishes like fried chicken, tofu, and tempeh can be cooked conveniently using IKEA's pans and pots. These cookware items are made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum that distribute heat quickly and evenly, with non-stick features. This means you won't need much time to achieve perfect heat, and you won't have to worry about food sticking to the surface of the pan or pot.

Sturdy and ergonomic handles provide comfortable cooking positions and make it easy to stir ingredients or lift and move pans or pots when plating dishes. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can easily choose according to your needs. IKEA also offers griddle pans with ergonomic designs to help you create various grilled dishes during Eid, such as satay, assorted sausages, toast, and more.

Practical cutting knives and chopping boards

Before starting the frying, boiling, or baking process, you need to peel, cut, or chop the ingredients you've prepared. IKEA offers a variety of quality knife products to assist you in these processes. Offering knife sets with different blade sizes bundled together in one set, you won't have to bother choosing the variants. By paying one price, you'll get three different-sized knives that provide practicality according to the ingredients you're peeling, cutting, or chopping. The knife blades are made of stainless steel with a ceramic non-stick coating, making IKEA knives of good quality and durability, freeing you from the hassle of cleaning ingredients that stick. Additionally, their synthetic rubber handles provide comfort and a strong grip when using the knives. IKEA also provides knife storage blocks for organized storage and practical knife sharpeners to maintain sharpness over time.

Like a harmonious pair, knives and chopping boards complement each other. A chopping board serves as a surface for cutting and chopping ingredients. Without a chopping board, the cutting or chopping process can be difficult and may cause scratches on the kitchen surface due to knife friction. Therefore, complete your knives with quality chopping boards from IKEA. Made of various quality materials such as lightweight plastic, elegant-looking wood, and flexible synthetic rubber that facilitates transferring chopped ingredients to other containers, you can choose IKEA chopping board variants according to your needs and preferences. The bottom of each board, also coated with synthetic rubber, provides a strong grip on the kitchen surface, so you don't have to worry about the board slipping during cutting and chopping.

Multifunctional ovens

To make the cooking process of Eid specialties more practical and efficient, IKEA also provides quality oven products for you. IKEA ovens can assist you in several cooking processes, such as baking or roasting and grilling or baking. These ovens have the advantage of evenly distributing heat quickly and are easy to clean because they are made of quality rust-resistant steel. Moreover, with a spacious volume area, you can cook more than one dish simultaneously. Featuring five heating levels with various baking function features and equipped with a timer, they offer convenience and ease in the cooking process. Not only for cooking, but these ovens can also be used as microwaves for reheating food. Regarding safety, IKEA convection ovens come with door locks to keep them out of reach of children. Now, preparing Eid dishes such as steak, roasted meat, or various cookies becomes easy with IKEA's multifunctional oven.

Other IKEA cooking equipment

Equally important is to complete your kitchen with other essential cooking equipment from IKEA, such as spatulas, which play a vital role in stirring ingredients to mix evenly during cooking. Made of stainless steel or quality plastic, IKEA spatulas won't damage the surface of pans or pots and are easy to clean. Additionally, IKEA provides strainers that make it easier to wash ingredients without fear of spilling, there are also weighing scales and measuring cups to help you mix cooking spices with precise measurements, as well as transparent spice jars to store and organize various spices neatly, preventing you from confusion when looking for spices for your next cooking activity.

There are still many essential IKEA kitchen utensils that can help you prepare various Eid dishes. Not only offering sturdy quality and functional features with the latest technology to provide you with convenience and effectiveness in cooking activities, their modern minimalist designs also make your kitchen look stunning. Explore various IKEA Kitchen cooking equipment products and serve unforgettable delicious dishes when Eid arrives.

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