One storage for all needs

TROFAST storage makes it easier for you to keep your stuff even in a big size. With sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes you can create a storage combination that suits your needs. Not only as a storage, TROFAST also be used for any purpose in any room. Let’s explore with us and see how you can make the most of this multifunctional storage.

Help your children to keep their favorite things

Our TROFAST are made of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes that your child can easily slide out, carry and put back again.
TROFAST is low storage that makes it easier for children to reach and organise their things. Comes with colourful boxes making TROFAST a playful storage for children and a beautiful storage in their bedroom.
TROFAST with a flat top surface can be used as a children’s table for learning and playing. Combine two TROFAST storages to get a wider table surface. Using TROFAST as a table and toy storage will make it easier for your children to play and learn how to tidy up their toys.
Attach the naming labels to each storage box so that your children can find their stuff much easier. It also aims to teach kids how to tidy up their own things. You can also ask children to write the labels and attach them to storage boxes.

Use TROFAST as a bookcase...

… or as a children’s wardrobe

Besides using the box, you can also combine TROFAST frame with shelf to create a children’s wardrobe. Its size is not too high and too wide so it’s perfect to be placed in a small bedroom.
Not only to keep their toys, TROFAST storage also be used as a bookcase. Low storage design makes it easier for children to store and reach their story books. So when your little ones want to read their books, they can easily slide out plastic boxes and get the story books they want without asking help from their parents.

Almost all parts can be utilized

A storage and comfortable seat in one furniture

Sometimes our things are too beautiful to keep in the closed storage. Use the top surface of TROFAST as a rack or table to display your favorite collections or to organise items that cannot fit into the TROFAST boxes. For an artistic view, you can use TROFAST storage shaped like stairs.
The top surface of TROFAST is wide enough to be used as a relaxing seat or reading corner for children. The sturdy wooden frame can hold your children’s weight even until they are teenagers. Add a bench pad and some soft cushions to make their relaxing space more comfortable.

Place it wherever you need it

TROFAST storage can be used in any room where you need it, including the kitchen. This multifunctional storage can work to store your dinnerware or kitchenware.
When your children want to help you cook, the top surface of TROFAST can be used as a small kitchen island for them - so you can look after your little one while preparing dinner.
Say goodbye to your messy workspace. You can place TROFAST storage in your workspace to keep everything you need is neatly organised and easy to find. Choose some larger boxes when making a TROFAST storage combination so you can store more equipment.

Important note:
TROFAST storage should be anchored to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting to prevent it from tipping over.
We believe that creativity is always inspiring, and we are proud to be a part of your home decorating creations. However, modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be used for their original purpose means your commercial guarantees will be lost.

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