Entering the new school year, here are tips for creating an organized study space for your child

Entering the new school year, many parents start thinking about the best ways to prepare a study space for their children. An organized and comfortable study space is essential to support a child's learning process.

There are several factors to consider in creating an organized study space for children. What are these factors? Here is a complete review of tips for creating an organized study space for children.

The importance of an organized study space

Having an organized study space is crucial to creating a conducive environment for children during their study activities. A tidy and orderly space can help children focus better and reduce distractions.

Additionally, an organized study space can help children become more independent in completing their school tasks. Neatness and orderliness in the study space can help children manage their time and tasks more effectively.

When the study space is neatly arranged and organized, children will find it easier to locate what they need without wasting time searching. This will help them be more efficient in their study activities and in completing their school assignments.

Choosing the location of the study space

The first step in creating an organized study space is to choose the right location. Select a quiet place away from noise, such as the family room, an area within the home office, or a designated space within the child's bedroom.

Ensure the room has sufficient lighting, both from natural light and lamps. Additionally, make sure the study space has good ventilation. Fresh air can help children stay focused and prevent them from getting tired quickly. If possible, choose a location with windows to allow for natural light and good air circulation.

Providing sufficient storage

Adequate storage is crucial for maintaining the tidiness of the study space. Provide bookshelves, drawers, or storage boxes for storing books, stationery, and other school supplies.

Organized storage will make it easier for children to find the items they need and return them to their original place. This will help children learn to be responsible and keep their study space tidy.

You can also use labels to mark storage places so that children can easily remember where to put their items.

Choosing ergonomic desk and chair

An ergonomic desk and chair are very important for the child’s comfort while studying. Choose a desk that matches the child's height so they can write and read in a comfortable position.

The chair used should also have a backrest that supports the child’s back well. An adjustable chair is a good option because it can be used for a long time as the child grows.

Ensure the child sits in the correct position, with their feet flat on the floor and knees forming a 90-degree angle. This will help them sit with good posture and prevent health issues such as back problems. Therefore, choosing a desk and chair that match the child's body posture is very important.

Equally important, choose a study desk and chair with a modern minimalist design. This is because a minimalist design can efficiently utilize the area, not obstructing the pathways in the child's room.

Also, choose a study desk and chair with integrated and modular storage that can add storage space for study supplies, minimizing scattered supplies due to a lack of storage space.

Arranging proper lighting

Good lighting is very important in a study space. Ensure the child’s study desk gets enough light, both from study lamps and natural light. A study lamp with adjustable light intensity will be very helpful, especially when the child studies at night.

Additionally, pay attention to the position of the study lamp to avoid casting shadows on the book or paper being used. Place the lamp on the left side for right-handed children and on the right side for left-handed children. This will help reduce eye strain and make the child more comfortable while studying.

Entering the new school year is a perfect time to rekindle the child's enthusiasm for learning. Giving them a surprise in the form of an organized study space can make them happy and excited for the upcoming school activities.

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