How to care for your house plants

Did you know that if you take good care of your house plants, they’ll take care of you too? Aside from making homes look pleasant, science says they boost wellbeing, reduce stress and help with creativity. Here’s how to give love back to your little green friends.

An easy watering routine

Not sure if the plant needs water? Try the thumb test: If the soil in the pot sticks to your thumb there is no need to water. To make watering more convenient, it can also be a good idea to cluster plants with the same watering schedule. Remember that plants need more water in summer than in winter.

The right amount of light

Another pro tip is to group plants that need the same amount of light. Bright sunlight, indirect light or low light makes a big difference, so checking the care instructions on the plant you’ve bought is wise. Don’t forget to remove dust from the leaves so the plants can absorb light properly.

Easy tips for repotting

A box like this one is perfect for storing soil, tools and more, and its lid makes a great work tray when you’re repotting, leaving less of a mess. Go ahead and aerate the soil properly – don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – and avoid putting too much of the old soil into your new plant pot.

Fertilise to help your plants along

Most plants get enough fertiliser in the first months after purchase. After that, it’s best fertilising during the peak growing cycle, usually spring-summer, and less in the rest period, usually winter. Besides store-bought fertilisers, mixing food scraps in the soil such as coffee grounds can work well too.

Cuttings give you a fresh start

If you love plants, growing your own cuttings is quite rewarding. It’s best to get them started in water during spring in order for them to get roots in time for the summer. Then, simply transfer them to suitable pots with fresh soil. Don’t forget to exchange a few with friends to get to know new plants.

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