How to Arrange Living Room Wall Decorations to Make It More Beautiful

The living room is the first room you will definitely see when entering the house. Even though this room is supposed to be used to receive and entertain visiting guests, the living room also has other functions in most homes. One of them is as a place to rest in the middle of activities or as a place for family gatherings on weekends.

For those who often use the living room for personal purposes, of course you always want this room to look beautiful, right? Of course, apart from keeping the living room tidy, decorating the living room walls with various decorations will also help to beautify the room. However, there are several things that you need to pay attention to before deciding to decorate the living room walls.

So, this time IKEA will share tips and how to arrange living room wall decorations so that they look more aesthetic and beautiful. Let's have a look.

Tips for choosing decorations for the living room to make it more attractive

Below we outline several tips for choosing decorations for those of you who are confused about how to make your living room look more beautiful and attractive.
  • Wall color
    If you are just decorating or want to renovate your living room, choose a wall paint color that matches the theme of your home. Neutral colors such as white, cream, or gray can give a clean and spacious impression, while bright colors can add a more cheerful impression to the room.
  • Wallpaper
    If you don't want to repaint the walls but still want to change the atmosphere in the living room, you can use wallpaper with an interesting pattern or color to give a unique touch to the walls. Wallpaper with geometric or floral motifs can be a good choice.
  • Paintings and works of art
    Hanging paintings or other works of art on the walls can give an artistic touch to the living room. You could also try hanging several small paintings in a series to create a small art gallery on the wall.
  • Wall shelf
    You can install wall shelves to display a collection of books, photos, plants or other decorative items. Wall shelves not only serve as additional storage but can also be an interesting decorative element. Changing the contents of the wall shelves also makes it easier for you if you want to change the atmosphere of the living room.
  • Decorative plants
    Installing a special shelf or plant rack to display ornamental plants could be an option for those of you who like plants. Apart from beautifying a room, green plants can also give freshness and life to your room.
  • Using a mirror
    Hanging a mirror on the wall or placing a large mirror (standing mirror) in the corner of the room can create the illusion of a bigger and brighter room.
  • Wood or stone panels
    You can use wood or stone panels to give texture to the walls of the room. These panels can be the focus of the living room and give a warm and natural impression.
  • Family photography
    Another tip for decorating the living room is to place family photos or other memories in beautiful frames. These photos not only give a personal touch to the room, but also can make a fun conversation piece for guests who come.
  • Creative touch
    The final tip for decorating your living room is none other than don't be afraid to be creative! You can try decorating techniques such as stenciling, hand painting, or even hanging textiles or wall rugs to add visual dimension to your living room.

How to arrange wall decorations in the living room

So, if in the previous point we discussed tips for choosing the decorations, this time we will explain several ways to arrange the decorations of your choice, so that the living room can look more attractive.
  • Determine the center of attention
    Choose one or two wall decorations that can be the center of attention in your living room. This could be a large family photo, a large painting, a large mirror, or another work of art that attracts attention.
  • Consider size and proportion
    Make sure the wall decoration you choose matches the size of your living room. Decorations that are too large or too small can disturb the harmony of the room so that the room does not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Create various works of art
    If you have several works of art or photos that you want to display, create an art gallery on the living room wall. Choose a neat pattern or arrangement, for example a grid or spiral, to create an attractive appearance on the wall.
  • Pay attention to the installation height
    Ideally, wall decorations are installed at the eye level of an average adult, which is around 145-150 cm from the floor. However, this can be adjusted depending on the size and height of the room and the surrounding furniture.
  • Combine different media and forms
    You can combine various types of wall decorations, such as paintings, photography and three-dimensional artwork. Mix shapes and textures to add visual dimension to the wall to make it look more interesting.
  • Use a suitable frame
    If you are using a frame for a painting or photo, choose a frame that fits the style and theme of your room. Uniform frames or frames in contrasting colors can provide a different look.
  • Personalize with personal items
    Don't hesitate to display personal items such as children's paintings, crafts, or family heirlooms. Not only do these items have sentimental value, but they can also make unique wall decorations.
  • Ensure proper lighting
    You can install a wall lamp or hanging lamp that can provide sufficient lighting and suit the atmosphere you want. Choose lamps whose light intensity can be adjusted to create different atmospheres.
  • Experiment with patterns and colors
    If your room has neutral walls, you can use wall hangings to introduce patterns and color into the room. For example, choose artwork with bright colors or interesting patterns.
Remember, living room wall decorations should reflect the personality and tastes of the owner. Try different ideas and experiments to find the decoration combination that best suits your living room. So, you can feel happy and comfortable every time you see and use the room.

Lastly, the most important thing is to trust your creative instincts and have fun in the process. Decorating is a great way to express yourself and make your living room more homely and inviting.

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