Discover the five functions of rug in your home

The rug's function is sometimes seen merely as a complement or accessory that beautifies the appearance of the room. Despite the fact that the rug serves many key functions, one of them is to make your home feel more comfortable and warmer. Currently, there are many rug styles and sizes from which to choose based on your preferences and budget. If you're still on the fence about getting a rug, here are several rug functions to know that might change your mind.

What is the use of a rug in everyday life?

1. Make your home more comfortable

The rug's main function is to add comfort to your home. Walking on a soft rug will be more comfortable than walking on a hard and cold tile floor. Rugs also make the house look cozier, making it more comfortable for families to spend time at home. You can add rugs in living room, bedrooms and dining room, which are locations where you spend a lot of time with your family and relax after a full day of activities.

2. An easy way to refresh your home

Although it serves various functions, it is true that many people regard the rug's function as just aesthetic. This is because there are so many different rug patterns to choose from, like oriental, classic, vintage, Persian, and many more. If you want to use a rug but are concerned about making the space look 'crowded,' a no-patterned rug can be a solution.
One of the benefits of using rug is you can change the appearance of a room significantly and quickly. So, when you need to refresh your home, you can simply add a rug.

3. Creates a warm impression at home

The next function of the rug is to create a warm impression at home. During the rainy season, tiled floors tend to feel cold while rugs feel soft and warm for your feet. By adding a rug at home, you can make the atmosphere more comfortable and warmer during the rainy season.

4. As a safe area for children

Children love to play anywhere, that's why we need to make sure they have a safe and comfortable play area. By adding a rug at home, you don't have to worry about children falling and getting injured on hard floors. Choose a thick and soft rug for your little one's play area. In addition, make sure you add an anti-slip layer to keep the rug in place, and reduce the risk of children slipping while playing. Not only for children, rugs can also be a comfortable place for you to relax. But make sure you always keep the carpet clean by regularly vacuuming.

5. Create a serene ambience at home

Aside from beautifying and providing comfort, the rug can also create a serene ambience at home. The dense, thick rug dampens sound of footsteps and reduce indoor noise. Therefore, placing a carpet in the bedroom is highly recommended.

Those are some of the rug's functions that you need to know. Not only makes your home more beautiful, rugs can also make your house more comfortable and warmer. If you are planning to buy a rug, make sure you choose a rug that fits the size and design of your room. IKEA provides a large selection of rugs, from light, thick, minimalist rugs to rugs with artistic patterns. Also get special price for IKEA selected rugs during the 11.11 promo.