Fun to explore and easy to store play for kids

Whether you live with children, or have kids that come over to play, it’s important to have easily accessible solutions that encourage creativity and make them feel comfortable around the home. And if these solutions are easy to store away when the fun is done, all the better.

Creative play in a dedicated corner

Drawing, building a tower or creating an imaginary world – whatever the game, a dedicated children’s table in the home will be the stage for hours of fun. Drawers filled with lidded boxes mean that every project can be packed away for next time, making tidy up time a breeze.

On display or out of the way

The human desire to collect starts in childhood, so giving kids their own display shelves to organise their interests will encourage their curiosity and make them feel included in the home. Bulkier toys can be put away in closed drawers at a low enough height for little ones to access.

Playtime in the living area

Some activities need space to spread out and explore. The key is to make it easy for kids to carry what they need and tidy it back up when the play is done. Boxes with handles are ideal for transporting pens and pencils while a paper roll holder will keep paper manageable for drawings big and small.

Learning through play

Learning to build, count and work with colours teach children logic, motor and social skills, and with the right tools and toys can be enormously fun too! Small objects like a colourful, wooden toy abacus or building blocks engage children during playtime and are quick to pack away when dinner time calls.

Let the games begin!

Give your kids tools and toys to unleash their imagination.

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