Explore the ideal school holiday bags, what are the options?

The school holiday period is a long-awaited time for students to relax, explore, and pursue new adventures. After a long period of study and exams, the school holidays are a wonderful thing for children. In this moment, having the right bag is essential to ensure comfort and practicality in carrying essential items. With a wide selection of bags offered by IKEA, it's time to explore a variety of options that are suitable for an unforgettable school holiday.

Functional backpack and stylish crossbody bag

Backpacks are becoming one of the most popular and versatile options for school holidays. With an ergonomic design and ample storage space, the backpack can accommodate books, clothes, and other items with ease. IKEA offers a wide range of backpacks with various additional features. Such as separate compartments, adjustable shoulder straps, and waterproof materials to protect your belongings from bad weather.

For children looking for a lighter and slimmer alternative, a sling bag is a great choice. Sling bags offer simplicity in design but are still functional in storing your important items. IKEA offers a wide selection of stylish and practical crossbody bags. Ranging from casual canvas models to waterproof sling bags suitable for outdoor adventures.

Aesthetic canvas material bag as well as laptop bag

Canvas bags are a popular product for school holidays. This is in line because of its reliability and durability against daily use. Crafted from strong and durable materials, canvas bags offer good protection for your belongings while travelling. IKEA provides a wide selection of canvas bags with a simple but functional design. It is suitable for daily activities at school or longer holiday trips.

For students who carry laptops or tablets during school holidays, having the right laptop bag is very important. IKEA laptop bags are well designed to provide optimal protection of your electronic devices. In addition, the advantage remains that it offers additional space for books, pens and other accessories. With its stylish design and advanced security features, you can travel in peace without worrying about the safety of your valuables.

Hassle-free and practical, take advantage of folding and waterproof bags

Folding bags can be the right choice for teenagers who are looking for a bag that can be tailored to their individual needs. With its ability to be folded into a small size, the IKEA folding bag is ideal for carrying as a spare bag on school holidays. With a variety of colors and attractive designs, this folding bag is not only functional. But it is also easy to combine with your personal style, suitable for use in any atmosphere.

For those of you who plan to spend your school holidays outdoors, having a waterproof bag is a must. IKEA waterproof bags are made from durable materials and come with additional features. Experience reliable capabilities such as waterproof zippers and durable seams. With this waterproof bag, you can explore nature with confidence without worrying about your belongings getting wet from rain or splashing water.

If you're planning a longer school vacation or a more extreme adventure, a duffel bag can be a solid choice. With its large capacity and sturdy design, the IKEA duffel bag can accommodate all the items you need for your adventure. There are various sizes and colors available, certainly very easy to use. You can choose a duffel bag that suits your needs and your adventure style.

From the wide selection of bags offered by IKEA, finding the right bag for your school holidays has never been easier. Starting from Suitcase bag to sturdy duffel bags, IKEA provides the right solution for every style and need. If you choose a bag that suits your needs, you can ensure comfort and practicality throughout the trip. Especially when exploring the world and making unforgettable memories during school holidays with family and friends. So, have a wonderful long holiday!

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