Exclusivity and uniqueness: tracing limited edition items at IKEA Indonesia

IKEA, as one of the world's renowned furniture brands, is known not only for its functional designs but also for its ability to bring innovation and uniqueness through its limited edition collections. In Indonesia, IKEA has become a popular destination for interior design enthusiasts, and the limited edition items that have graced IKEA Indonesia's stores have captured the attention of fans. Here are some examples of limited edition items that have left their mark at IKEA Indonesia.

"Proud of local product" collection

As a tribute to Indonesian culture, IKEA once launched a special collection called "Bangga Produk Lokal" (Proud of Local Products). This collection included furniture and household accessories supported by local craftsmen in Indonesia. From woven motifs to traditional designs infused with a modern touch, this collection became a favorite among consumers looking to add a local touch to their spaces.

Collaboration with renowned designer Marimekko

A collection consisting of 26 furniture products, ranging from everyday furniture to home necessities, glassware, and textiles. The BASTUA collection's standout characteristics are patterns and textures inspired by Nordic nature and the ritual of self-care saunas. Featuring bright Marimekko signature patterns, the collection aims to encourage people to live more boldly, happily, and comfortably in every step of their lives.

The focal point of all products in IKEA's collaboration with Marimekko BASTUA is the large leaf rhubarb motif, visible on many launched products, including the iconic FRAKTA bag. Rhubarb leaves are a type of vegetable that grows near Finnish saunas, known for their reddish stems.

Environmentally friendly furniture

Globally, IKEA has been active in efforts to become a more sustainable company, reflected in several limited edition collections introduced in IKEA Indonesia. From furniture made from recycled materials to products designed to reduce carbon footprint, these limited editions are an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

IKEA's range of environmentally friendly products includes the Kungsbacka cabinet doors made from recycled plastic bottles, Alseda and Tating seat cushions made from banana fibers, and the Odger swivel chair made from renewable wood and recycled plastic.

"IKEA art event" collection

Through the "IKEA Art Event" initiative, the company provides opportunities for artists and designers to express their creativity through furniture and decor. Some unique and unconventional art pieces from this event have also made their way to IKEA Indonesia. By purchasing products from the "IKEA Art Event," consumers not only get functional furniture but also support the world of art and creativity.

IKEA Indonesia, in collaboration with the Creative Economy and Innovation Committee (KREASI) of West Java and the French Institute of Indonesia, proudly presents JabArt Space. It's an exhibition space showcasing collective artworks from artists in West Java, situated in the Teras Indonesia area of IKEA Kota Baru Parahyangan. In its inaugural event, bamboo installation artist Joko Avianto joined as the first collaborator, presenting the "Seseg" and "Hudoq" bamboo mask exhibition, open to the public on November 29 to December 28, 2021.

Street style home equipment

The limited edition IKEA collection with Thai fashion designer Greyhound Original in 'SAMMANKOPPLA' also captured the hearts of the public during the Covid-19 Work From Home period. The entire collection of furniture and home accessories has a street style touch with bold patterns inspired by the cityscape of Bangkok and the graphic fashion sensitivity of Greyhound Original.

Items like light blue chair cushions or black-and-white triangular chair cushions from the SAMMANKOPPLA collection are sure to liven up the living room. Or hoodie-shaped chair covers with the word 'ORIGINAL' that can refresh the look of monotonous chairs, with additional pockets in the cover sleeves for storing remotes or smartphones. Apart from having a unique and non-boring style, these limited edition furniture and accessories also cater to the needs of those living in small spaces or minimalist homes. Affordability was also a consideration before releasing these products to make them accessible to many people.

Limited editions at IKEA Indonesia are not just about furniture; they also celebrate cultural heritage, support local design, and integrate sustainability values. Each limited edition collection not only serves as a functional item but also tells a story of diversity and creativity. By continually introducing these exclusive products, IKEA Indonesia not only meets the practical needs of its customers but also inspires and celebrates the beauty of design in every home.

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