Enjoying my outdoor space

After long, cold winter, summer is the season that Swedes have been waiting for. That's why many fun activities including the Midsummer festival are held during summer. You can also feel the excitement of summer break, without even having to leave your home. Here are stories about some outdoors that might inspire you to enjoy the summer with your family.

Tuesday night dinner 

It’s a regular weekday evening at home with a family that does their very best to carve out the time in their busy lives to eat dinner together. Everyone is settling in for a moment of togetherness in an outdoor kitchen/dining area that’s as functional and cosy as any indoor kitchen/dining space.

Afternoon with friends 

This woman has invited her friends for a fun day “out” together. It’s everything you’d expect from a summer afternoon get-together: drinks, snacks, dancing, and laughter. Everything, except the location, because this afternoon on the town is a day on the balcony.

Outdoor cooking

This summer sizzles for the food lovers who live here. They’ve created their dream outdoor kitchen, complete with sink, storage, and of course, BBQ. With everything they need outdoors, they’ve forgotten what their indoor kitchen looks like.

Moment to myself 

Welcome to a personal oasis where the world melts away and there’s the time and space to unwind. Whether it’s listening to some music, or just soaking in the green glow, this little nook offers an everyday escape.

Beach holiday balcony 

This family takes a charter holiday complete with refreshments, parasols, and a child-minding area. They enjoy playing and relaxing in the sun without leaving the comforts of their urban balcony.

Family movie night 

The popcorn is fresh and the lights are low: it’s time for family movie night. There are lots of cosy spots on blankets and cushions, but this screening isn’t in the living room. Tonight’s feature film is set outside.

Camping at home 

This couple is headed into the great outdoors of their deck to enjoy camp food, quiet moments, and a starry sky (while still having the benefits of indoor plumbing nearby). A two-seater sofa? That’s another perk of camping at home.

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