IKEA Eco-Friendly Plastic. Healthy Choices for the Planet

Plastic has become an inevitable presence with various advantages. Its strength, durability, lightness, and affordability have made plastic the most commonly used material in everyday products. However, ignorance in plastic disposal can have a serious impact on the environment.

IKEA set a target to mitigate the adverse effects of plastic waste starting in 2030. IKEA strives for all plastics used in its products to come from recycled or renewable sources. Initial steps have been taken by replacing single-use plastics and integrating different types of recycled plastics in various products. 

What are the negative environmental impacts of plastic?

Plastic has contributed a significant negative impact to the environment. From ocean pollution to waste accumulation, the negative impact of plastic has become a serious challenge for the future of the earth. Let's explore further how plastic can harm the environment and threaten the health of the environment we live in. 

Ocean Pollution

Plastics that pollute the ocean mainly come from land-based waste that reaches rivers and eventually the ocean. This can damage marine ecosystems and negatively affect marine flora and fauna. Marine animals often eat plastic that they perceive as food, causing serious health problems for humans who consume it.

Non degradable waste

The problem of non-biodegradable plastic waste involves the fact that most of the plastics we produce are not biodegradable in the environment. Certain types of plastic can take up to hundreds of years to fully decompose. Plastic waste that ends up in landfills not only creates huge piles of garbage, but also damages local ecosystems. Despite recycling efforts, there are still many types of plastic that are difficult to recycle or cannot be recycled at all.  

The dangerous of microplastics

Microplastics are a serious challenge facing the environment and human health. These microscopic particles are formed through the degradation of larger plastics or are sometimes already manufactured in microplastic form, such as those found in beauty products. Microplastics can reach a variety of environments, including drinking water, the ocean and even agricultural soil.

Get to know eco-friendly plastics and their benefits

Getting to know more about eco-plastics opens the door to our understanding of sustainable solutions to the plastic waste challenge. Eco-plastics reflect innovations that aim to reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and humans. As a more sustainable alternative, these plastics have specific properties that support reuse or efficient degradation. Let's explore more about what eco-plastics are, and how these choices not only reduce our plastic footprint, but also provide positive benefits to the earth. 

Recycled plastic

Environmentally friendly plastics prioritize recycled raw materials, such as used plastic bottles or other plastic waste. Utilizing recycled raw materials helps reduce dependence on the production of new plastics and effectively manages existing plastic waste. By choosing recycled plastics, we contribute to global efforts to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.


Some eco-plastics are designed to be biodegradable in certain environments. This characteristic makes them a more environmentally friendly option, especially in reducing the risk of environmental pollution by plastic waste. Biodegradable plastics help address environmental problems caused by the accumulation of plastic waste that is difficult to degrade.

Reduction in the use of hazardous chemicals

Some types of eco-friendly plastics minimize the use of harmful chemicals in the production process. This decision is not only aimed at protecting the environment but also reducing health risks that may arise from exposure to harmful chemicals. Thus, eco-friendly plastics not only provide benefits to the earth but also support overall human health.

Contributing to a sustainable lifestyle with IKEA products

In this section, we will explore various IKEA products that not only fulfill functional needs, but also contribute to environmental protection efforts. By choosing these products, you are not only creating a beautiful space but also being part of a positive change for our earth. Let's take a look together at how to bring a sustainable touch to our lifestyle.
This product provides a reusable alternative to plastic bags, and definitely helps reduce the need for single-use bags. Designed with a double seal, ISTAD keeps contents fresh and resistant to freezing, while providing extra security for storing items in your kitchen or home. By choosing ISTAD, we are participating in the sustainability movement and making a positive contribution towards preserving the environment. 
After 30 years of being one of the most functional bags in the world, FRAKTA remains a great choice for those who value quality and sustainability. Designed to be large and strong, this bag is capable of carrying groceries, dirty clothes and beach gear. FRAKTA is a loyal friend who is always ready to accompany you on every journey. Made from polypropylene with at least 60% recycled content, FRAKTA is not only tough but also eco-friendly. 
This toilet brush is a simple yet highly effective solution to keeping your toilet clean. Designed with a minimalist design, this toilet brush provides a touch of functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Made from hard-wearing and durable polypropylene plastic. BOLMEN guarantees hygiene and practicality for a long period of time. We are committed to sustainability by using at least 20% recycled polypropylene plastic in its manufacture. This makes the product not only effective in keeping toilets clean but also environmentally friendly. 

In realizing how important our responsibility towards the environment is, we can conclude that awareness of the negative impact of plastic on the environment is the first step towards positive change. By replacing single-use plastics and integrating recycled plastics into its products, IKEA is committed to contributing to sustainable solutions for a safer future.

Discover IKEA's various innovations and eco-friendly plastic alternatives, and let's shape a more sustainable future together from here

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