Creating a sustainable home

The Earth is our only home. With the increasing of climate change, it is now the time for us to be more concern and consume more sustainably. This house adapts a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in some simple ways which will inspire you to start the same thing for your own home.

Stay fresh, stay visible

Reduce the food waste by taking food according to your own portions, and keep the leftovers to be consumed in another time.

Use glass or transparent food containers to keep dry foods or leftovers stay fresh and visible, and make it easier for you to find the food inside the refrigerator or on the kitchen shelves.

Say bye to single-use plastic waste

Use reusable shopping bags when you go shopping is the right answer to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Hang the shopping bags on the wall using hooks for easy access when needed.

Another solution is to bring your own bottle and food containers anytime you go out.

For the storage wise, place the water bottles and food containers inside the kitchen drawers. Devote a drawer to always have water bottle, food containers and the lids at the ready.

Reduce with reuse

For daily waste, create simple waste sorting system in your kitchen cabinet and group them into different materials such as: organic, plastic, paper, residue.

You can reuse organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps to make your own compost at home together with earthworms, in a sealable container. While cardboards or papers can be reused for making art & crafts with your children.

You can also give your old furniture a second life by repair and repainting it instead of throwing it away.   

Living close to nature

Green plants create an inviting atmosphere. They also purify and the indoor air quality by absorbing chemicals and pollutants in the air. Using plants and greenery to soften the lines between inside and out enhance home and make a healthier, happier people inside.

Green up your wall space with plants on display. Place them on shelves or cabinets. Build a vertical garden using a mix of plants – real, artificial, and decorative plant objects. Together they can create a wall of green even in places where the light isn’t very strong.

Grow your own food

Gardening is not just feel nice and fun in general, but can have a positive effects on us. There are many advantages to growing your own produce and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. With you in charge, you can be sure of what goes into your food.

It’s fun and rewarding to see a seed that you have planted grow into herbs and vegetables, ready for the dinner table. This can also be an exciting activity for children. Help them to explore how food grows when you transform a muffin tray into a kid-size planting garden.

Use sustainable materials

Choose sustainable furniture by using products made from recycle material, such as recycled plastic, or renewable materials such as bamboo which is fast-growing.

For the solution to save energy, a water-saving tap and LED light bulbs might be the best choice for your home.