Cozy space with a rustic feel

This cozy, safe apartment is great for a couple. With a functional work area for working from home. Ornamental and decorative items are spread to give this new apartment some personality. Meanwhile, the dark earthy shades create a warm, rustic atmosphere.

A smart way for saving space

This apartment uses foldable furniture in the dining room to save space. When mealtime is over, furniture can be folded and stored away so there is more room for other activities.

Enjoy warm discussions

The living room area looks lively and comfortable, perfect for warm discussions and interactions. The dark earthy shades create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

Work from home

The corner area is used as a workspace. Working here can be more productive and focused because the work area gets direct light from the window.

Sleep well in a rustic bedroom

This traditional designed bedroom looks fresh and rustic. The bright colour combinations create a vibrant bedroom look.

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