Exploring complete school supplies practical school starter set choices from IKEA

Welcoming a new school year is always an eagerly awaited moment for students and parents alike. Thorough preparation is necessary to ensure that the teaching and learning process runs smoothly.

One of the important aspects of school preparation is ensuring that children have complete and functional school supplies. Let's explore various complete school supplies that can be included in a practical school starter set.

Writing and drawing supplies

Basic writing tools are essential elements in a school starter set. Make sure to provide various types of pens, pencils, erasers, and colored pencils. Pens in different colors can help children make notes that are more interesting and organized. High-quality pencils and erasers are also important to ensure clear and neat writing and ease in correcting mistakes.

To complement drawing activities, don't forget to include drawing supplies like colored pencils, markers, and crayons. A drawing book or sketchpad is also a great addition to provide a space for children’s creative expression. Ensure that the drawing tools chosen are not only functional but also safe and comfortable for children to use.

Notebooks and loose leaf paper

Notebooks are one item that should not be missed. Choose notebooks of various sizes and paper types according to the needs of each subject.

Notebooks with high-quality paper will help ensure that writing does not easily fade and lasts longer. Besides notebooks, loose leaf paper can also be a choice in the school starter set. Loose leaf paper makes it easier for students to organize and compile notes as they wish.

Study desk with integrated storage features

Complete the school supplies with other supporting equipment, such as a study desk with integrated storage features. A study desk can make children's study activities at home more optimal and also improve their mood when doing school assignments.

Choose a study desk equipped with integrated storage features. After finishing their study activities, children can neatly and orderly store various study tools. This will make it more practical for children to prepare their school supplies before starting school activities the next day.

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