Comfort space for everyone

This 202 m² house is designed for a big family. The open-space layout allows the family and their friends to get togethereven though they are doing different activities. The pastel colours creates a soft expression that adds a young and playful atmosphere in this home.

A place to gathering

Big sofa with comfortable armchair is perfect for getting together with family and friends. Use many cushions in different sizes to create a comfortable and inviting looks.

Designed for togetherness

This kitchen and dining area really match this family personality. They love to open their home to new people, making conversation and sharing meals. Create moment everyday.

Personal space in a shared bathroom

Soft bathroom with pastel paint and tiles helps to create a calm mind. You can maximize the space under the wash-basin for storage by putting two shelves together or 2 wash-stand for creating a personal space in a shared bathroom.

Comfortable for sleeping, efficient for daily routines

This master bedroom designed to have a space for each activity. The different spaces are connected to each other, helping daily routines to run smoothly. The choose of warm and light colour creates relaxing ambience to help them rest well.

An organised, modern bedroom

Modern bedroom with a touch of soft pattern is perfect for recharging your energy. The combination of closed and open storage gives you the option to set your personal things differently. Wardrobe with glass door allows you to see your collection while keeping them organised.

Playful bedroom for kids

They can learn and play with their friends in this bedroom. Choosing a loft bed can be a way to maximize the space. Using the space under the loft bed to be a place to relax and hang out can make the room more enjoyable.

Rest well in a calm bedroom

Calm bedroom with a combination of natural material selection and soft colours makes the room look spacious. Combining wardrobe and vanity area is a way to maximize the wall.

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