Comfort meets elegant design

The furnishings in this apartment look sophisticated but are really cozy. The combination of dark base with muted colors and natural materials as accents creates a luxurious impression that pleases the eye. Hint of abstract patterns creates cozy atmosphere.

Enjoy quality time with family

This apartment has an elegant living room with darker colour, perfect for some cozy family session. For displaying favorite collections and storing necessities, the living area is furnished with a TV bench that has storage and shelving units.

Traditional kitchen with a timeless design

The kitchen is elegant yet traditional, coloured in earthy tone for a timeless choice. The kitchen also has cabinets with glass doors, which are ideal for displaying a collection of favorite plates or bowls.

A bathroom that accommodates all family needs

The bathroom in this apartment has a bright ambience. This shared bathroom is equipped with various equipment to make it easier for children to do their bathroom activities, including a children's stool to allow kids to reach sink area.

One bedroom for two kids

The bedroom is likely to become the children's creative space to express themselves. By combining two base colour, this children's bedroom provides different needs and interests of each child. High ceiling allows you to make use of the vertical space, such as installing bunk bed.

The most comfortable place at home

The master bedroom offers a calming fresh atmosphere by using muted colors. The bedroom looks spacious and comfortable because not much furniture has been added.

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