Christmas Decorations in the Living Room: 7 Brilliant Ideas for This Year

Towards the end of the year, Christmas is getting closer. For some people, of course Christmas is the most awaited day every year. Not only is it a moment to gather with family, but the atmosphere of Christmas itself certainly brings its own happiness to those who celebrate it. 

Decorating the house and decorating the Christmas tree in the living room are activities that are looked forward to on Christmas Day. Apart from beautifying the house, this activity is also an activity that makes the most of quality time with family. Starting from putting up decorations on the walls, decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments, creating Christmas DIY ideas, making typical Christmas gingerbread cookies, and other things that are sure to be a lot of fun to do together. 

However, what if family members have different tastes in determining decorations for this important day? Are you confused about how to get beautiful Christmas decorations at an affordable price? No need to worry. In this article, IKEA will provide guidance and ideas for the latest Christmas decorations. Let's take a look! 

Decoration guide for a memorable Christmas

So, who here can't wait for Christmas this year? Can't wait to decorate your house with cute Christmas decorations? Let's take a look at the following guidelines first, so that your Christmas decorations this year will be more attractive and memorable.

1. Color Theme 

Of course, the first thing that must be determined is choosing a color theme for the decoration. You have to match the color of the decoration to the color of the wall paint in your house and the furniture you have so that the whole decoration looks in harmony with each other. Here are several theme options that you can choose for your Christmas decorations later.
  • Classic Christmas colors
    Red, green and gold are classic Christmas colors. You can combine this color combination on your Christmas tree, wall hangings and other decorations in your home.
  • Shades of snow
    If you don't like bright colors like the classic theme, you can choose white, blue and silver to create decorations that resemble a calming atmosphere. Choose Christmas decorations such as snow, white trees, and blue lights for decoration.

  • Rustic theme
    For those who like earthy colors or natural nuances, you can combine wood, hemp, and leafy green to create a natural and warm feel. You can use decorations such as wooden branches, dried flowers, and rustic themed lanterns.

2. Door and window decoration

To decorate the door, you can put a Christmas crown made from holly, pinecones, and red ribbons. Meanwhile, on the windows, you can install lights along the curtains, or attach red ribbons to the curtains.

3. Christmas tree

Celebrating Christmas would be less satisfying without decorating the Christmas tree. Because this is one of the activities that most families look forward to. Choosing and hanging your favorite decorations together is definitely a lot of fun. Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree don't need to be expensive and shiny. You can decorate the Christmas tree with LED lights to make it look twinkling, ribbons, or make DIY decorations that reflect your family's hobbies or hopes. There are also many other Christmas DIY ideas that you can find, not just DIY Christmas ornaments.

4. Living room decoration

You can replace the sofa cushions with Christmas themed pillows and put a red or green blanket on the sofa to give it a warm touch and add a Christmas feel. Apart from that, you can also put candles scented with sandalwood, peppermint or cinnamon to create a very distinctive Christmas aroma.

5. Dining table decoration

In the dining room, you can place Christmas flower arrangements, candles, or mini trees in the middle of the dining table as the center of attention. You can also use Christmas themed plates and cutlery to give a special touch to family meals.

6. Wall decoration

Hanging Christmas pictures or DIY Christmas-themed paintings can also be an option to decorate the walls of your home. Apart from using paintings or drawings, you can also put up an Advent calendar with a Christmas theme to decorate the walls and count down the days until Christmas.

7. Christmas music and sounds

To add to the Christmas atmosphere so that it feels thicker, you can play music with Christmas-themed songs. By playing music, the Christmas spirit will be felt even more and of course you and your family will be looking forward to the arrival of Christmas.

7 Choices of Christmas decoration product ideas for the living room 

We have previously outlined several guidelines for Christmas decorations, this time we would like to provide recommendations and ideas for Christmas decoration products that you can choose for your living room. Let's check them out!

1. Christmas tree 

Christmas tree decorations seem to have become mandatory decorations that must be present during Christmas celebrations, and it would be a shame to celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree. You can put the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room so that it becomes the center of attention. Decorate with selected ornaments such as ribbons, lights, DIY hangers, and other Christmas ornaments. 

2. Wall decoration 

To decorate your living room walls, you can hang a Christmas-themed advent calendar to count down to this festive day. Apart from calendars, you can also hang guirlanes, install mirrors framed with holly twigs, or hang DIY Christmas-themed paintings. Choose decorations that best match the color of the walls and furniture, as well as the decoration theme you choose.

3. Flower arrangements and candles 

Place a Christmas flower arrangement in the center of the main table as the main decoration. Also arrange Christmas candles of various sizes on the table. You can also place candles in glass plates with Christmas decorations around them.

4. Sofa pillows and blankets 

Decorate a chair or sofa with Christmas themed pillows. Choose pillows with Christmas trees, stars or Christmas sayings on them. You can also arrange a red or green blanket on a chair or sofa to give it a warm touch.

5. Miniature 

If you have shelves and cupboards in the living room, you can decorate them with miniature Christmas trees, Santa Claus statues, or other small Christmas decorations. Also add holly branches or mini trees between items on shelves or cupboards to give a natural touch.

6. Carpet 

You can use a red or green carpet on the living room floor to add a Christmas touch. If you don't use a red or Christmas theme, you can add the fireplace decoration by arranging burning cards in the corner of the room. You can also use decorative piles of pillows in a basket placed next to the sofa.

7. Music and lights 

To feel more Christmas atmosphere, you can install a music player to play festive Christmas songs in the living room. Don't forget to use Christmas lights or LED candles in the living room to create a warmer atmosphere.

Choice of DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Apart from using old decorations or buying new decorations for Christmas celebrations, you can make your own Christmas decorations or what is usually called DIY (do it your way). Apart from saving costs compared to buying new decorations, you also have more freedom to be creative with the decorations you make because the materials are also very easy to find in the nearest shop. Not only that, but DIY Christmas decorations will definitely have your character as the maker and will definitely be different from purchased decorations.
Right now, we will share a little tutorial for making DIY Christmas decorations which are of course very easy.

1. Bling-bling Christmas baubles

Materials needed: Polystyrene balls, glue gun, glitter powder, brush, ribbon.
  • Grease the polystyrene ball with a thin layer of glue.
  • Roll the ball in glitter until the ball is evenly covered.
  • Let the ball dry.
  • Add ribbon to the top of the ball for hanging.

2. Origami Christmas stars 

Materials needed: Colored origami paper, scissors, glue.
  • Cut the origami paper into pentagons.
  • Fold the origami paper according to the star origami pattern.
  • Glue the folded parts with glue.
  • Hang these stars from the ceiling or Christmas tree.

3. Snow sock craft 

Materials needed: White socks, rice, rubber bands, thread and needle, buttons, red felt.
  • Fill the sock with rice to form a snow head and body. Tie the top with a rubber band.
  • Sew buttons for eyes and nose.
  • Cut red felt into a scarf shape and tie it around the neck of the sock.
  • Use thread and needle to sew the arms to the snow body.
So, those are some guidelines, product recommendations, and decoration ideas for those of you who are celebrating Christmas. For those of you who are busy and don't have time to think about concepts and details for decorating your living room, there's no need to worry. You can use IKEA interior design services to help you plan the Christmas decoration concept for your living room. Let’s consult with the IKEA interior design team about your decoration plan now. Click the button below!
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