Cheerful space for creative learners

This studio apartment with total area of 23.8 m² has a bright and energetic ambience, perfect for students who want to be creative with their personal space. The dominant purple colour with a little pastel accent and pattern will create an exciting experience of living alone. The selection of open storage in neutral colours is perfect for picking up practical items, but can still be adjusted to the style preferences of the selected room.

Stylish TV area in pastel colours

The combination of pastel colour walls with closed storage that has matching colours creates a clean and stylish design in this TV area.

Maximising a small space area

The kitchen area uses monochrome colours and a little bright colour accent to create a bright and clean look. This area also works as a hallway and storage area by using open and closed storage to maximize the available space.

Small but modern bathroom

The bathroom area has a modern ambience with bright colours. Equipped with wall storage to make the most of the small space.

Create a combination that suits your needs and style

Make the space feel more personal by getting creative with the furniture. These table tops and legs come in a range of colours and sizes, so you can choose the perfect combination.

The perfect place to rest

This bed with storage is placed in the centre of the room to separate areas in this studio apartment. Light pattern and a warm lighting create a perfect place for relaxing and dreaming.

Our interior designers are here to help

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