A bright and organised bathroom

Nowdays, bathroom is not only used for cleaning yourself, but also a place for me-time and relaxation. Create your kind of dream bathroom which is functional and also can make it easier for you to do your morning routines in a more comfortable way.
Waking up in the morning, then pampering yourself up in a white, bright, clean and organised bathroom? Perfect! Is there anything more frustrating than not finding your facewash in the morning when you’re in such a hurry?  That’s why you need a bathroom which is neatly organised with all the items are located right in their dedicated place for an easier morning.
A bathroom has a high level of humidity so it’s very suitable to put plants in that area. To make showering feels fresher, add some green plants to liven up the space. If you want to have plants but prefer to do zero maintenance, artificial plants are the best choice.  Perfect when you have better things to do than water plants and tidy up dead leaves.
No more excuses for being late to meetings, monitor the time with an alarm clock and set the alarms according to your schedules. Place the clock on top of a wall shelves so that it can be seen from all directions.