An eclectic, mood-boosting studio bedroom

With its daring mix of colour and graphic patterns set against a lilac backdrop, this fun, anything-goes bedroom is packed with vibrant personality. At the same time, it’s a comfort zone. That’s all down to the bed piled with cushions and the curtains softening the wall, creating a playful, cocoon feel.

The centrepiece bed with handy secrets​

As well as being a storage powerhouse – with drawers and shelves in all sorts of places – and the room’s focal point, the bed’s neutral base is perfect for a colour overload. The offbeat mix of pastels and brights balance out the stool and the wall colour. A final floral flourish brings in a touch of nature.​

Customised storage to fit your space​

Reclaim control over clothes, shoes and essentials by organising them into one area. Here, we’ve placed a tailored mix of furniture and storage accessories neatly along one wall to get the most from the space. Light colours and the smooth finish of the wardrobe and chest of drawers tie the look together.​

Start your studio bedroom with a mix of white storage

A haven drenched in colour​

The zingy mix of candy-coloured textiles gives the room a fun, carefree energy, transforming it into a space that will always lift your spirits, whatever the weather outside. The bold rug sets the comfort zone, and the soft, organic form of the lampshade above the bed takes the edge off the square shapes.​