5 Family Activities to Make Holidays at Home More Fun

Are you on holiday but just staying at home? Or do you want to go on vacation but are concerned about the pandemic situation? Don't worry, there are plenty of enjoyable activities that you can do at home. Spending time with family can help you strengthen bonds, learn and grow together, and have fun even if you don't go anywhere. Let's look at some activities you can do at home.

1.  Decorate the house with various items

There's nothing wrong with involving family members to decorate the house so that the feel and appearance of the room look fresher and newer. Ask them to discuss which areas of the house they want to decorate and get creative with the materials you already have. Make the most of your gift wrap, magazines, paper bags, and pots by combining them with decorative materials like glitter, stickers, fabrics, garlands, and buttons.

2. Cook and bake the cake together

Cooking or baking a cake with cookie cutters or parchment paper is another way to spend time with your family. This method, in addition to being effective for entertaining families, also allows us to teach children a few kitchen skills. You can experiment with simple recipes and serve them in a fine dining setting. Alternatively, you can use IKEA recipes to make your dishes taste Swedish. It's like “Oh, I'm on a real vacation”. 

3. Throw your own house party

Decide on a theme for the party and invite your family to dress accordingly. Include the children in the party by planning activities that they will enjoy, such as making pot parcels, being creative with slime, and so on. Don't forget to pick a location for your party at home, such as the garden, yard, or even the living room. Play a list of music that everyone in the family enjoys, and don't forget to serve the meal with everyone's favorite snack. Isn't it simple?

4. Home picnic

Try organizing a fun indoor picnic. Set aside some space in the living room, backyard, or elsewhere in the house, prepare some mats, and set up a picnic atmosphere just like you would if you were picnicking outside. Invite the kids to help you decorate the picnic area. You can cook or order food online.

5. Invite the kids to the garden

If there is any available space in your home or yard, it is time to invite your children to garden. You can teach them how to grow vegetable seeds like carrots, beets, and beans, among others. You can also observe their interests. Choose plants that are known to attract birds if they enjoy them. Consider plants that are attractive to butterflies if they are fascinated by insects. Allow children to be creative and mess their bodies with soil, water, and other substances. Expect the seedling to be messy and imperfect. Children will not garden in the same way that adults do. Other things may distract them, causing them to collect insects, and rocks, or bury toys in the ground. Relax!

These are some ideas for activities to do at home with family during the holidays. Not only exciting and entertaining but also capable of maintaining closeness among family members and creating memories that will last a lifetime, especially for children. If you want to get a variety of holiday accessories or furniture for your home, IKEA has a wide selection of home furnishing items at affordable prices. You can also take advantage of various special IKEA promotions and offers. Don't pass it up.