A space to grow together

This space is simple, practical, and well crafted. Perfect for a dynamic young family, products ensures different storage solutions for each family members’ hobbies and needs. Base colors are light with muted accents and materials are natural and rustic. A touch of decorative patterns with an earthy palette give a playful yet natural feel all around.

Family-friendly living area

The living area is bright and soft to the eye. The use of fabric and round edges makes the area very lively and safe for families with children.

A soft-feeling kitchen

The kitchen is combining pastel and natural colours for a soft and warm feeling. The simple arrangement will be just enough for a young family as well as to keep the children away from playing in the kitchen.

A bright shared bathroom

The bathroom uses neutral colour with a hint of bright red. The mirror cabinet can be used to hide private belongings, whilst the exposed shelving unit can be filled with some quick grab bathroom essentials, just perfect for a shared bathroom.

Make the bathroom more organised

By having storage space, all items can be more organised and neatly stored. Adding storage in the bathroom helps us organise and group our needs according to their function, making it easier for us to find them, especially at rush hour.

How to combine parent's and children's room

Combining the parent's and the children's room may be necessary for babies or children who are still in need of superpevision. Putting the crib away from the stairs, visible to the parent's side, as well as using effective storage will be great for their mobilization and nursing activity.

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