A home for big family

This space is made suitable for any member of the families. Darker tone gives an elegant feeling whilst hints of darker red and blue give a modern and catchy looking space. The combination of materials such as glass, fabric, and wood and makes it different and brave.

A room for spending quality time together

The focal point of this living area is the inviting leather sofa for spending quality time. The L-shaped sofa accommodates a large number of people without making the room look crowded.

Elegant kitchen in darker colors

The kitchen uses a matte finish for a subtle light reflection. Mainly covered in black, the use of wooden worktop liven up the cooking area.

Privacy in a shared bathroom

The shared bathroom uses closed organizers to help family members claim possession to store their private items. This bathroom also separates the sink, toilet and shower area to keep the room tidy.

Different materials for dining area

The dining area combines all the different types of material, makes an exciting dining experience every time.

When every inch of space is precious

This bedroom is maximizing all the space left to be a functional area. The corner area near the wardrobe is transformed into a private workplace.

A spacious, comfortable bedroom

The master bedroom looks cosy and tidy with elegant closed storage. Wall storage solutions make spaces feel more spacious.

Simple yet elegant

The bathroom uses monotone color to complement its surrounding. Closed organizers are used for a cleaner-looking and helps occupant to organize.

Rest in a comfortable bedroom

This bedroom is designed to feel comfortable even though the space is limited. Therefore closed storage is a solution for keeping the room tidy.

Organized, cozy and functional

This bedroom combines bold and darker colors to form a playful yet elegant look. Every area of ​​the room is well utilized, allowing this room to serve as both a place to rest and a comfortable work space.