A cosy dining room with a Scandi cafe atmosphere

Get that ‘hygge’ feeling at home with a dining room that feels just like a Scandinavian cafe. It features a minimal white and black colour palette, light-coloured wood and homey details. Fun cafe accents, a blackboard wall and multiple dining tables complete the look. No need to venture out to a cafe when you have one right at home.

Light wood combined with white and black details

In this room, we created a minimal yet cosy Scandinavian-style look with a black and white colour palette combined with the warmth of wood. We used tables and chairs in blond wood (there are two tables in this space for a cafe-like feel) and a sleek, black trolley that’s great for storing tableware and snacks.

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Create your own cafe counter

Multiple cabinets put together in this way makes for your very own cafe counter at home. It’s practical for storage for everything you need in the dining room, and the surface is great for creating your own coffee and tea set-up with trays, cups and other things needed for ‘fika’ time.

A creative corner

This dining room is truly a multi-purpose space and the hub of the home. Here, we used a storage combination with boxes in a corner to create an inspiring station for arts and crafts. The blackboard painted wall – where you can write the menu of the day – enhances the cafe theme of the room​.


Set the ambience with light and sound

Create a cosy cafe atmosphere with multiple pendant lamps and music. Way better than sitting in someone else’s cafe – you get to play DJ and choose which songs to listen to.​

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Your own Scandi cafe at home made easy

Multiple tables, a cafe counter that also holds plenty of storage, light wood and a simple black and white colour palette make up this dining room. The result? A cosy, hyggelig cafe at home, that’s just as pleasurable to be in as your fave cafe. Maybe even better.​

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