A cosy and welcoming dwelling

This is a modern 3-bedroom apartment with an open-plan layout for living, dining and kitchen with their own zoning space. The overall size of this apartment is 136m2 and with the bright, natural light enters from the floor-to-ceiling windows creating a more spacious and a warm sense of welcoming. The owner wanted to have a cosy space which has been delivered successfully by IKEA Interior Design Service with the choice of colours, materials and the overall design in this whole space.

The perfect harmony

The living area is using darker wood finishes for the furniture, dark brown for the textiles, combined with earth-tone colours to give a modern, sophisticated look. The TV cabinet is minimal and streamlined. The cabinet is modular, which is flexible to be changed based on the future needs. It also has a smart system along the cabinet to organise all the electronic and entertainment equipments that are used. The seating area, using the flexible modular sofa, is more organic, comfortable and stylish.

A connecting space for big feast

The dining area is large enough to welcome up to 8 people sit comfortably. With the extendable dining table, everyone is invited. Across the dining is where the pantry and kitchen island located, providing an adequate space for the owner to move around freely while preparing for the meals. The glass-door cabinets can be use as the storage for dinnerware, decorations, cooking books and wines.

Practical and functional

Dark, bold, masculine. This home office is practical and functional as the same time. Using an ergonomic working chair, a desk in a proper size with clean, minimal look, wall shelves for artworks and plants, and also bookcases for storage and display things to create an organised and more productive way of working.

A retreat for me-time

Welcome to this contemporary style master bedroom for recharging moments. The owner wanted to have a modern, moody feel with the touch of black and white. Using a stylish bed frame, comfortable beddings and a fluffy rug underneath to soften up the space. Also provided with an armchair and small table for reading and relaxing. This is the proper bedroom to improve the well-being, in comfort and style.

A calm and warm sanctuary

For the guest bedroom, the different colour palette is introduced. Brighter, warmer and inviting. Equipped with chest of drawers for extra storage, comfortable armchair for relaxing, big wardrobe and also a dressing table to get ready. Everything is provided in this bedroom to make the guest feels exactly at home.