A cool tween shared room with space for individual expression

This modern-style shared bedroom achieves the seemingly impossible – room for two personalities to express themselves, as well as being a work, rest and hang-out space full of warm, upbeat vibes. Our tip? Go for a neutral base and choose two groups of complementary colours, so everything works together. Harmony guaranteed!

Set the scene for double-sided style​

One palette embraces the simplicity of earthy neutrals, the other lets candy colours like lilac, pink and yellow take over. What makes it work are the light wood floor and the soft colours of the rug – they lay down a low-key backdrop that ties everything together, so each personality can make their mark.​

A dreamy space to relax and study​​​​

Restorative colours like grey, beige and soft green help make the desk areas no-stress havens for quiet and focused time. The beds are in full snug mode, with colourful cushions helping create an alternative hideout for getting on with projects and schoolwork – assisted by this portable stationery organiser.​

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My space, your space​​​​​

With its sleek white base and handy pegboard divider each built-in desk becomes its own space for individual expression. Customise the look with SKÅDIS accessories to store – and show off – treasures and essentials. Choose desk chairs in different styles and colours to add the final flourish.​

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Drop-off zone​​​​​​

With calming, neutral colours, this wall and floor storage strikes a balance between display and away. Mesh boxes and trays keep smaller essentials accessible, while hooks and shelves let larger belongings tell their own story. It brings the space to life, and helps stem the flow of daily flotsam and jetsam.​

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Closed storage for a clutter-free look​

Shared rooms that go double on everything can easily feel overwhelming, so closed storage can help to find visual balance – and create a more clutter-free look. That’s why the simple, smooth finish of this wardrobe works. The white doors also reflect a lot of light, injecting a spacious feel into the room.​

Chill out in soft colour​​

Make room for togetherness with flexible furniture in neutral tones or colours from both palettes in the room – so they can be moved around the space without upsetting the aesthetic balance. Finish the look with cushions and throws in vibrant accents that add depth, warmth, and an intimate feel to the space.​

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