A comfortable home for gatherings

This space is made for families or couples who likes to hold a gathering in the house. This space is made clean and elegant whilst being cozy for family members and guests to come by. Coloured in mainly darker colours, a hint of dark blue is implemented for a bolder look.

Keep the space organised with closed storage

The kitchen and living area is simple and doesn't take up too much space. Closed cabinet for both area makes it easier to organise and avoid clutter in the house.

A multifunctional modern touch

By using a multifunctional mirror-lamp, it completes the whole set by being functional yet giving a modern touch to the whole set.

Create a more private room

The master bedroom is simple and modern. High cabinets gives an illusion of a wall and make the room feels more private.

Smart way to make a room look spacious

Use vertical and wall mounted shelves and cabinets to leave some more free space around the floor to give the room a wider and spacious look.

There is always room for every item

This bedroom is made for you who have a lot of storage and clothes. By combining different heights and colours, this room layout can hold many belongings whilst not leaving the cabinet looking bulky.

Unwind at refreshing outdoor

Utilize the free space at the backyard to implement outdoor kitchen and sitting area. By choosing a sturdy material that is suitable for outdoor use, you can gain a distinct experience they cannot get inside.