Details that define

A combined dining and living room that’s style-coordinated with rattan furniture and colours in brown, grey and anthracite.
Do you dream of a luxurious dining room? You can have one, even if your home is small. Colour and material coordination, stylish details and flexible furniture, like an extendable table, will make your dream a reality.
A dining room with an extendable table that’s extended. Black chairs, a rattan chair and a bench in birch provide seating.
NORRÅKER is a versatile bench that can be used throughout your home. For example, it provides more seating at an extended dining table.
A black NISSAFORS trolley with a kettle, mugs and tea bags on its shelves is standing next to a sofa and armchair.
Where do you want to drink your tea tonight? Or, it doesn’t matter – NISSAFORS trolley carries everything you need to where you want it to be.
Dust-free storage that’s visible from every angle – MILSBO glass cabinet lets you show off your finest belongings.
An EKET combination with both open and closed cabinets in grey and white is wall-mounted by a brown table.
Our EKET cabinets are easily customised to fit your storage needs. And, wall-mounted storage frees up floor space!
BROR shelving unit sturdy and durable, so it’s perfect for heavy items like books and larger storage boxes.
A dark grey FLOTTEBO sofa-bed where the seat has been lifted, underneath it is storage space with a duvet and a pillow.
FLOTTEBO sofa-bed is ready for overnight guests in an instant thanks to its large storage space under the seat with plenty of room for duvets and pillows.

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