An urban retreat

Lush greenery, home-grown greens and well-deserved relaxation – foldable outdoor furniture, like TÄRNÖ chair, make sure you can pack your urban retreat with everything you love.
Folding outdoor furniture will make sure your spontaneous dinners are as smooth as can be – there is always room for one more guest!
Give your plants the best start to their green, lush lives! A shelf with a protective cover, like HYLLIS, works as a compact greenhouse.
Our many bins are designed to meet different waste sorting needs; HÅLLBAR bin with ventilation holes is perfect for organic waste!
Shelving units that don’t take up much space (but can store lots of things!) are the perfect storage solution for a patio.
Our flexible STORHAGA lamp is dimmable and can be used indoors and outdoors, and with cord or rechargeable batteries.
RÅGKORN plant pot adds that extra something to your patio (or living room if you like; this stylish pot can stand both indoors and outdoors!).
RUNNEN floor decking refreshes any patio in an instant, and you can cut it if needed – perfect if you need to fit it around a corner or a pole!

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