A kitchen fit for a chef

A large kitchen with fronts in stainless steel, worktops in oak/veneer, blue industrial work lamps and herbs in containers.
Restaurant-inspired and practical VÅRSTA is a flexible and affordable kitchen that allows you to go all-in when cooking – whether you aspire to become a full-time chef or if you want to create a 5-star meal for your family.

SKOGSÅ worktop can be sanded and treated when required, and the thick oak veneer with natural colour shifts makes each worktop unique (and it’s a beautiful contrast in a stainless steel kitchen!).

A wood worktop, an inset sink and a mixer tap with handspray. The handspray washes rhubarb that lays in the inset sink.

VIMMERN mixer tap has a mechanism that reduces water flow while maintaining pressure, and its handspray is really practical when cleaning veggies and fruits.

Free up your countertop by storing things on wall-mounted rails. Our KUNGSFORS series includes many smart kitchen accessories, like a drip-free dish drainer.

A tablet stand that hangs on a rail doesn’t only let you have your digital recipes close at hand – it frees up space on your worktop too!

KUNGSFORS is a smart and durable system that you can combine in endless ways, and the many different accessories will cover most of your kitchen needs.

A stainless steel kitchen with a wood worktop in oak/veneer. One drawer is open, and lots of dry goods are stored inside.

METOD/VÅRSTA base cabinet is available in different depths, so it’s easy to build a streamlined and sleek kitchen solution.

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