Building good relationships

We want everyone to feel good about the products we sell, which is why we put a lot of work into our supplier relationships. There are about 600,000 people working for companies that directly supply IKEA around the world, and we want to be sure they are all treated fairly. That’s why in 2000 we launched IWAY, our supplier code of conduct.  

We regularly visit our suppliers to check that they comply with IWAY requirements. Every year, we hold 1000 visits around the globe.

What is the IWAY Standard?

Our Supplier Code of Conduct plays an important role in positive developments. It specifies our minimum requirements relating to the environment, social impact and working conditions.

Download the IWAY Standard (PDF)
Building partnerships with social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs are in the business of making everyday life better in their communities. They use business as a way to tackle social and environmental challenges such as reforestation, reducing poverty and empowering women. That’s why we are proud to create long-term partnerships with social entrepreneurs around the world.

Working closely with our partners we learn from each other, share our business experiences and ideas about design. Our close cooperation allows us to do things like adapt production to the farming seasons so that rural artisans who make the collections can balance their craftwork with family and community responsibilities.

Collaborating with social entrepreneurs gives us inspiration and access to skilled artisans who work with traditional handicrafts. The products we co-create are all made by hand in limited numbers and sold in selected IKEA stores with all profits going back into the initiative.

The IWAY Standard requirements include:
  • No child labor;
  • No forced or bonded labor;
  • No discrimination;
  • Freedom of association;
  • At least minimum wages and overtime compensation;
  • A safe and healthy work environment, preventing pollution to air, ground and water and work to reduce energy consumption.
Working with WWF to improve cotton farmers’ lives

IKEA and WWF have worked successfully together on cotton farming issues for over a decade. As a result, an estimated 125,000 farmers in India, Pakistan, China and Turkey have started growing cotton in a more sustainable way. By using less chemical fertilizers and more natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, small-hold farmers can cut their costs while crops remain as good as before. The money they save might be used to invest in water-saving drip irrigation or perhaps in education for their children. Visit the WWF website to learn more about our partnership

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