For a more convenient and safe shopping experience

There are currently an increasing number of fraud attempts where scammers falsely claim to be from IKEA, aiming to deceive for financial gain. We urge you to remain vigilant. 

Unfortunately, there are many fake campaigns where well-known brands are misused to mislead people; unfortunately the IKEA brand is one of those used in these campaigns. These campaigns appear in emails, SMS, Whatsapp chat, and on social media and can include claims of gift cards, vouchers and other items. Many times, sensitive information or some kind of payment is requested, something that IKEA would never do. 

This is good to keep in mind :
  • Always ensure information coming from our official web, social media and contact number of IKEA Indonesia
    (Whatsapp 0811-1300-2242, phone 021-2985-3900) 
  • Always verify suspicious program/campaign to IKEA Indonesia official web and channels.
  • Pay attention to senders and links that look unfamiliar.
  • Language errors such as misspellings, strange wording and poor sentence structure are indicators of dishonest senders.
  • Even offers that look like they come from IKEA, use our logo and our graphics and do not contain any language errors can be a scam.
  • If you are suspicious, delete the email without clicking on any links and do not disclose any sensitive information. 

In addition to reporting and verifying through the official IKEA Indonesia number, you can also check and report suspicious numbers through the website, which is the official site of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. This site serves as a portal for receiving public complaints related to the misuse of mobile numbers used for fraud.  

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