For a more convenient and safe shopping experience

Before shopping at IKEA, make sure you follow these precautions for a safer and more convenient shopping experience.

Step 1: Always check the source of the ads you get
Be careful if you receive an advertisement from a social media account who act on behalf of IKEA Indonesia but it is not verified or if the price of the product is suspicious.

Step 2: Make sure you only make a purchase via the IKEA Indonesia official account and the IKEA Indonesia App
Make sure the web URL is only or you can shop via the IKEA Indonesia app. If you want to shop via the marketplace, make sure you go to the IKEA Indonesia official store.

Step 3: Make sure to access information through IKEA Indonesia's social media that has a verification mark
Make sure social media accounts you access have verification marks.
Instagram @ikea_id 
Tiktok IKEA_Indonesia 
Facebook @IKEAIndonesia 
Twitter @IKEA_Ind 


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