Ask an IKEA interior designer: welcoming colour into your home

Whether you’re trying to break a beige habit or lean further into your colour quest, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Here we’ve gathered ideas from an IKEA interior designer on how to let those pretty, pigmented hues into your living space in a way that works best for you.

Say yes to colour!

Congratulations, you’ve gone bold on your walls. Now it’s time to layer decorative accessories in a palette that makes you smile. Try a bright red wall clock, ombre glassware or an array of cushions in colourful patterns. The idea is to make it personal with accents that instantly brighten your home.

In living colour

An easy, natural way to bring in colour? Plants. From vibrant pots and coloured vessels to flowers and greenery, these lovelies are guaranteed to bring a space to life. Group them together to create a happy little corner in your home.

A brighter storage situation

Who said shelving needs to be black or white? Colourful storage and easy-tomove trolleys in pastel hues keep a space organised yet full of personality. Or why not match your storage to your walls?

Mix it up or go tonal

Decorative pillows, bed linens and curtains add a splash of accent colour to each room. Go with a bold clash in the living area if you’re not keen on a matchymatchy vibe, or tone in with the bedroom walls for a pleasing sleep sanctuary that’s bright yet tranquil.

Brighten your home

Add pizzazz to your living space with products that embrace colour
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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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