Warm and authentic

A house for a harmonious family, depicted from the atmosphere of the house that combines natural wood materials, rattan, as well as white colors and red accents, so that a warm and intimate atmosphere is formed.

Having quality time with family

This living room is the heart of the home for a family of three. The sofa embraces the whole family, with lots of back cushions to make it easy to snuggle up and enjoy cosy nights and lazy days. The mix of different pattern and texture create a warm and beautiful looks.

Every space matters

Maximize space under the stairs to be functional kitchen. Use kitchen trolley with surface on top to provides mobile extra storage, utility and workspace. Softly padded chair provides extra comfort when eating, using bench makes the dining area become more flexible.

Get ready in a harmonious bathroom

The bathroom looks more attractive with the harmonious play of motif tiles and wall paint. The selection of bathroom furniture with matching colours also elevate the looks of the bathroom.

An organised and comfortable bedroom

A comfortable bedroom is a neat bedroom. Various forms of storage make the space more organised but not monotonous. The use of wood and rattan materials gives warmth to this room.

Make the bedroom feel more personal

A bedroom usually reflects the owner's personality. This bedroom is using bold colour with texture and pattern and not using many items to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

A place to sleep and grow

This bedroom is perfect for children who have tried to be independent by sleeping on their own. Bright colours combined with furniture that can follow the children development create comfy and safety in their room.

Comfortable space to work

Personalised working areas can increase productivity. Using bookshelves that display book collections and decorations can be an interesting background when doing online meetings.

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