Utilizing sage green colour is suitable for pairing with an attractive and calming minimalist interior appearance

In the world of interior design, colour is not just a decorative element. But it also has the ability to affect the feeling and mood in the room. One of the increasingly popular colours in interior design is sage green, revered for its soothing elegance and ability to create a harmonious atmosphere. When combined with a minimalist concept, this colour offers the right mix of appealing aesthetics and soothing simplicity.

Why is sage green?

Sage green is a soft, soothing shade of green. Inspired by the pale green foliage colour found in sage plants. This colour visually gives a natural and harmonious impression that makes it suitable for implementation in interior design. When used wisely, sage green is able to create a calming and balancing space, as well as provide an invigorating fresh touch.

Minimalist interior design: pleasant simplicity

Minimalist interior design is a concept that emphasizes simplicity, functionality and clarity in space. By eliminating superfluous elements, minimalist design allows room to breathe. At the same time, you can create an atmosphere of calm and order. This concept fits perfectly with the fast-paced and hectic modern lifestyle, where every individual seeks tranquillity and comfort in the midst of full daily activities.

Combining sage green with minimalist design

How can you combine the colour sage green with a minimalist interior design that focuses on simplicity? The answer is you can start everything from scratch. In a minimalist design, you tend to use a neutral colour palette such as white, grey, or beige. However, sage green can be an interesting exception. Choose soft, neutral shades of sage green to prevent the room from looking too crowded.

Minimalist design prioritizes functionality and clarity. Make sure that each element in the room has a purpose and there is nothing superfluous. Choose furniture that is simple with cleanliness and without excess decoration. While sage green is the main colour, you can use other colour accents to add dimension and depth to the room. For example, white accents or natural wood can provide a refreshing contrast. It is important to maintain a balance between the colour of sage green and other elements in the room. If the walls are painted in sage green, consider using furniture and accessories in neutral colours so that the room doesn't look too monotonous.

Interior design inspiration with sage green from IKEA

One of the providers of the furniture and home decoration industry is IKEA. IKEA is known for its functional, affordable and versatile designs, this fits perfectly with the minimalist design concept. You can get some interior design inspiration using the sage green colour from IKEA. If you talk about the living room, you can combine a sage green sofa with a coffee table and a white bookcase from IKEA. With this, you can create a fresh and minimalist living room.

Also get a collection of IKEA kitchen cabinets with sage green drawers and doors to store kitchen utensils neatly. You can combine this furniture with a simple white dining table, so it will add a modern touch. In the bedroom, a bed with a natural wood frame and sage green bed linen creates an atmosphere of calm and comfortable sleep. You can add a wardrobe and a white bedside table for the counterweight. For those of you who work hard, it's time to realize the sage green workbench from IKEA equipped with storage shelves. Working moments at home will be more comfortable while meeting the needs of a functional and soothing workspace.

Sage green colour offers an interesting combination of elegance and tranquillity. This makes it appropriate for use in minimalist interior design. By combining sage green with a minimalist concept, you can create an attractive, calming, and functional space. IKEA offers Interior design service that could make you easier to create your own dream space. With a little creativity and good planning, you can turn your home into a comfortable and relaxing place to live.

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