Tips for serving refreshing drinks in the style of IKEA to quench thirst after a day of fasting

Breaking the fast is an eagerly anticipated moment during the Ramadan month. After a day of hunger and thirst, it's time to welcome the breaking of fast with refreshing dishes. Cold drinks play a crucial role in celebrating this moment. Here are interesting tips for serving IKEA-style cold drinks, which not only provide refreshment but also enhance the meaningful experience of breaking the fast.
The importance of meeting fluid needs after fasting
As the time for breaking fast approaches, the body requires an adequate intake of fluids to replace what was lost during fasting. Cold drinks are a highly desired choice to refresh a dry throat and provide a invigorating sensation. In this regard, IKEA offers various tips and creative ideas for serving cold drinks that not only quench thirst but also offer their own deliciousness.

Interesting choices for cold drinks

Infused water is a healthy and refreshing way to serve drinks. Combine slices of fruits like lemon, cucumber, or strawberries with a handful of mint leaves in cold water. Let the mixture steep for a few hours in the fridge to intensify the flavor. Serve in large glasses with ice for an optimal cold sensation. 

Iced tea and iced coffee can be the next options. Not only refreshing, but they also provide the additional energy needed after a day of fasting. Fresh and cold fruit smoothies are equally refreshing. Mix fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and mangoes with yogurt and ice in a blender to make a refreshing fruit smoothie. Mixed ice can expand the options for refreshing cold drinks. Mixed ice is a popular drink, especially in the summer. Mix various ingredients like nata de coco, agar-agar, and avocado. Drizzle with palm sugar syrup or sweetened condensed milk for a delicious taste and maximum enjoyment.

Tips for serving cold drinks the IKEA style

The first tip is to choose attractive glasses. IKEA is known for its charming product designs, including a variety of glass products with unique and attractive designs to add aesthetic value to your drink presentation. Transparent glass selection also enhances the appearance of the drink, and ergonomic design provides comfort and a suitable grip while enjoying cold drinks. 

You can serve cold drinks with a beverage buffet concept. If you plan to serve drinks for a large family or close relatives, implementing a beverage buffet concept can be a suitable choice. Provide various types of cold drinks along with accompaniments in an attractive layout. Let everyone choose their drinks according to their preferences. 

In celebrating the breaking of fast, the freshness of cold drinks is an inseparable element. Combining taste, aesthetics, and creativity in serving cold drinks is a perfect choice to quench thirst and enjoy the precious moment of breaking the fast with your beloved family. Complete the presentation of cold drinks with various Glass product variants from IKEA to add an elegant and ergonomic touch while enjoying your cold drinks after a day of fasting.

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