Tips for serving food and drinks on new year's eve

New Year's Eve is the perfect moment to gather and share stories with your beloved family and friends in the comfort of your home. This moment feels complete when accompanied by delicious dishes and warm or refreshing drinks. So, what dishes are suitable for the occasion? IKEA has the answer for you. Check out IKEA's tips for serving food and drinks on New Year's Eve below.

Serve appetizing dishes

As the evening approaches, close relatives and loved ones start to arrive. Interesting stories from the past year are shared with laughter and joy. Embrace this moment with light yet tempting appetizers, IKEA style. You can serve Bruschetta with tomato sauce and shrimp with remoulade sauce to kick off the New Year's celebration.

As the night progresses, serving a delicious and varied buffet menu, IKEA-style, as the main course is a perfect choice. IKEA-inspired dishes such as Swedish Meatball, Salmon Gravlax, and Assorted Cheeses can be served. Make the main course even more appealing by presenting it on a set of 365+ plates and KLACK trays from IKEA. The combination of elegant plate design and minimalist wood fiber patterned trays will make the main course look attractive.

Seconds before the New Year, delight your guests with sweet desserts. Various desserts like almond cake, princess cake, cheesecake, and brownies can be served. Present them on FROJDEFFUL plates with the accompanying MARTORP fork and spoon from IKEA to add an elegant and attractive touch to the dessert presentation.

Fresh and warm drink options

In addition to tasty and appetizing food, don't forget to serve a variety of fresh and warm drinks, such as fruit ice, herbal tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Also, offer various toppings like grated chocolate, whipped cream, and marshmallows to add a unique and interesting flavor. Utilize POKAL glasses and 365+ cup sets from IKEA to serve a variety of refreshing and warming drinks during the New Year's Eve moment.

Clean eating and drinking utensils with practicality

After celebrating New Year's Eve with a variety of delicious and appetizing food and drinks, it's time to clean all eating and drinking utensils. Make this activity more practical with the Stainless steel sink tray from IKEA. Designed with several open storage layers, this dishwashing tray makes it easy for you to wash and store eating and drinking utensils in one place. Made of stainless steel, the GRILLSKAR Stainless Steel Dishwashing Tray has strong durability.

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