Tips for organizing your home for a neat Chinese New Year celebration

Chinese New Year is one of the most important celebrations for the Chinese community worldwide. As a meaningful moment, the Chinese New Year celebration is often filled with joy, prayers, and unique traditions. However, preparing for the Chinese New Year also involves rearranging your home to create a warmer and more organized atmosphere. With IKEA's assistance, let's follow some tips for organizing your belongings at home to make the Chinese New Year celebration more memorable and beautiful. 

Plan the organization and choose functional aesthetic furniture

Before starting to organize your belongings at home, create an organization plan first. Identify areas or rooms that will be the focus of changes. Choose items you want to revitalize or even new items from IKEA that can bring a fresh touch to your home. IKEA is known for its functional and aesthetic furniture. Select furniture that provides additional storage space, such as cabinets or shelves that match the Chinese New Year theme. The right furniture selection can create a more organized and tidy ambiance. 

Use Imlek colours while arranging art items

Add a touch of the Chinese New Year to the organization by choosing Imlek colors such as red and gold. Replace sofa pillow covers or tablecloths with colors that reflect the spirit of the Chinese New Year. IKEA offers various accessory and household textile options that match this theme. The VINTERFINT window curtain colors awaken a bolder Chinese New Year atmosphere in the family room area. To make the house feel neater, arrange decorative items with careful artistry. Place favorite items or Chinese New Year-themed decorations such as lanterns and calligraphy strategically. IKEA provides a variety of decorative products suitable for beautifying your home. 

Use efficient storage and utilize indoor plants

IKEA is known for efficient storage innovations. Utilize storage boxes, hanging racks, and other organizers to tidy up daily items. Good storage not only makes the home neater but also makes it easier to find needed items. Add a natural element indoors by placing indoor plants. IKEA has various types of plant pots and placement shelves that can beautify the room. Plants not only provide a fresh touch but also create a livelier atmosphere. One example is the FEJKA plant that resembles an orchid. 

Add Chinese New Year touches to the dining area and tidy up electronic cables

The dining area often becomes the center of the Chinese New Year celebration. Decorate the dining table with Chinese New Year trinkets such as red envelopes or serving dishes with a Chinese New Year theme. IKEA provides various dining utensils and table decorations that can add a special touch to family meals. A tidy home not only looks beautiful but also ensures safety. Use IKEA cable organizers to tidy up electronic cables such as chargers or power cords. By organizing these cables, you can create a cleaner and more organized appearance. 

Involve the entire family and update kitchen appliances

Involve all family members in organizing belongings at home. Assign small tasks to children or partners to create a close family bond. Together, you can create a neat and cheerful home to welcome the Chinese New Year. If you celebrate the Chinese New Year by cooking special dishes, consider updating your kitchen appliances. IKEA offers a variety of functional and stylish kitchen appliances. With new kitchen appliances, you can be more enthusiastic about preparing special dishes for your family. 

By following the above tips and utilizing IKEA products, you can create a more organized and memorable Chinese New Year celebration. Check IKEA's collection of high-quality Open shelf to organize all items more neatly. Happy Chinese New Year, may your home be a place of happiness and harmony with your beloved family.

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