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Can a better world begin at home? Yes! Can a better world begin with you? Absolutely. Does making better choices have to be difficult or overwhelming? Definitely not. On the path to a more sustainable life at home, there are many small changes that can add up to big change if we all do our bit. Here are just a few easy exchanges you can make, starting today.

Waste-free take aways

Want to support your local restaurants, but don't want to create more waste? More and more people are bringing along their own reusable containers (clean, of course) and asking restaurants to fill them instead of disposable take-away boxes. If you’re unsure, you can always check with them in advance.

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The conscious shopper

Hands up if you have a bag full of plastic bags somewhere at home? It’s amazing how easily these bags can sneak into our lives. What often helps is keeping a few reusable shopping bags with you whenever you leave the house, so you’re never caught without one. At stores or take-away restaurants, you can also let the cashier know you have your own bag before they pack one for you.

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See you later, plastic straws

In 2020, IKEA phased out all plastic straws in the range, bringing in some better alternatives in the process: like ones made from uncoated paper, stainless steel and even bamboo!

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Refreshment on the go

It’s a common myth that recyclable plastics, like PET used in bottles, can be recycled endlessly. The truth is that plastics decrease in quality every time, to the point where they are no longer useable, or need to be mixed with virgin plastic. One solution? Avoid disposables altogether! A water bottle like this is perfect for popping into your bag, and no toxic chemicals will leak into your drink.

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