The work-free bedroom of dreams

When so many spots in your home become alternative workspaces, it seems only fair to keep one corner for yourself. This relaxing bedroom has become a work-free sanctuary for the couple who call this loft apartment home. After the hustle and bustle of the workday, they can both look forward to winding down for a bit of cosy, cuddly time where the only task on the to-do list is getting a good night's rest.

Layers on layers

Soft, layered linens and comfortable pillows and cushions take this bed to a whole new level of sleep-time bliss.

Cocoon o’clock

Supportive pillows and comfy mattresses are magic, but it's amazing what darkness and a decluttered space can do for your sleep! A pull of these thick curtains and the light is just right, while a generous wardrobe keeps all their clothes stored neatly away before bedtime.

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“I recommend having a dedicated space without laptops and phones. For me, it’s a good way to make sure you’re working from home and not living at work.”

Hans Blomquist
Interior designer

Store it away

There's no shortage of beautiful belongings on display around this loft, but the couple have also invested in some sturdy storage for their clothes and other possessions. The little touches they've made have transformed their bedroom from a place they sleep to their own personal space – a relaxing spot for the two of them to connect, without a deadline or spreadsheet in sight.

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Your ticket to a good night’s rest

If you’re happiest sleeping on your side, an ergonomic pillow could help you sleep more deeply. If you’re always abit too hot or cold, a differently-weighted duvet could be the answer. Really, the difference between being well or under rested has alot to do with sleeping comfortably, so have a look around and find what suits you best!

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